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craziest things customers have asked field service technicians

13 craziest things Property Occupants have asked Field Service Suppliers to do

Table of Contents

I still remember the look Stan had on his face when he came back from work that evening. When I asked what’s wrong, he said we won’t be planning kids for a long time. I was like, Wait! What? Why? Turned out he had spent the last two hours baby-sitting two of the craziest kids on the planet and also fixing the roof, while their mum had to rush to a relative. So just out of curiosity, I asked some friends in the industry and fellow Tradie wives, almost sure that we were the only ones to have experienced such a thing. Little did I know that my question would unleash hell! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you some of the craziest, creepiest and funniest things Property Occupants have asked Field Service Suppliers for and some of which they actually agreed to do!

1. Can you pretend to be my husband!

This dude got a really weird request by one of the ladies he was working for. But before you start making wild guesses, let me tell you that it was for a very innocent reason. Meeting a door to door salesman together.

2. Can you give me a toilet roll holder demo?

This Field Service Supplier had to sit on the toilet to give a roll holder demo. Before you ew, the plumber was fully clothed. Lol. But the poor guy still felt quite awkward holding the holder in different positions to see which one is the best, all this while sitting on the loo.

3. Can you be a witness to our wedding?

Working at the courthouse can land you in the least expected situations. But it’s always a pleasure to be a part of something good once in a while!

4. Will you grab some kangaroo bones for the dog on your way back?

This one was the best and the worst at the same time. The Field Service Supplier’s response was ‘would you like me to do your groceries too when I get back?’ No kidding – the customer sent back a text saying ‘that’d be great, thanks’. Then proceeded to scan and email him his shopping list.

5. Do you know what the best soil to grow dope is?

Err. Sorry. How are you supposed to react when you discover that the whole irrigation system you installed for a Property Occupant was to grow marijuana in the backyard?

6. Please flip a few mattresses, will you?

When you are a sparky fixing some wiring at the local retirement home and you are asked to flip the mattresses, all I can say is “bless you”.

7. Do you mind jump starting my car?

Not at all. I’m a horticulturalist, and that’s what I do!

8. Can you remove this tick on my tummy

Lolz. One lovely lady had the most innocent request but I suppose if I had a tick somewhere my hand couldn’t reach, I would also ask the first person that came through the door too.

9. Can I have a selfie with you, minus your work shirt!

Female Property Occupants and a good looking Field Service Supplier.. We know the story too well.

10. Please open the lid of this jar!

Oh no. Not the strength test again! Field Service Suppliers have done everything from moving furniture, opening torch lids so they can change the batteries and taking something heavy out of the top shelf they can’t reach to.

11. I don’t have cash, do you accept wine?

Field Service Suppliers admit being offered alcohol and jewelry in lieu of payment usually by Property Occupants who are high and locked out late at night.

12. When you are done, take the bins out

Field Service Suppliers: I’ve already cleared up the mess and I’m taking the rubble away. Customer: No I meant the kitchen bin.

You can’t be serious!

13. Can you answer the door please?

Not a great idea when you are on top of a ladder changing a bulb; but yes, if you are nearby or the Property Occupant is not home, why not!

Wrapping it Up

While there can be a lot of unusual jobs you may have done for the Property Occupants you have worked for,  at the end of the day, the question is whether you are “OK” with it or not.

Generally Field Service Suppliers don’t mind going the extra mile to keep Property Occupants happy, but baby sitting or doing the groceries, is a bit too much to ask for. Isn’t it?

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