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About Us

We believe in technology's power to transform field service management's future.

Our journey to create i4T Global has been one heck of an adventure, grinding tirelessly, pouring heart and soul, and overcoming challenges along the way. But it’s been all worth it! We’ve grown into a unique and rapidly expanding Field Service Management Ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in the industries we serve.

Bringing Authorized Service Agents, Field Service Suppliers, and Asset Owners & Occupants together and uniting them through a B2B, B2C, and B2B2C solution, i4T Global seamlessly delivers an unmatched service experience.

With our tool kit packed with the latest and greatest in tech, an in-depth knowledge of how the Field Service Management sector operates, and invaluable insights from our expert advisory board, we are on a mission to Reimagine FSM globally, adding Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety every step of the way.

Our Story

We built i4T Global with one goal in mind – enabling you to run a truly customer-centric business

With our staff based globally, we are well-equipped to revolutionize your Field Service Management experience.

Since its launch in 2017, the unique value proposition of i4T Global has been making headlines and turning heads of Angel Investors, key Trades Associations, and large Field Service Management aggregators. From our early adopters to our newest clients, we have been listening carefully and understanding their needs to deliver exactly what the industry demands!

The 2020 spike in the COVID-19 Pandemic made the i4T Global – “Field Service Management Ecosystem” even more relevant to the evolving market needs. This presented us with the opportunity to fast-track our expansion goals, entering key regions worldwide, and ultimately turning the company into a global brand by 2022.

Since then, i4T Global has been steadfast in its mission to revolutionize the FSM industry, strengthening its presence in new markets, including Construction Maintenance, EV charge point, and SD-Wan Installation, in addition to Property and Real Estate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the world in revolutionising Field Service Management and PropTech through innovative technology, delivering unparalleled efficiency, transparency, compliance, and safety at every service touchpoint.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the Field Service Management and PropTech industries by providing a unified, scalable, and transparent platform that connects authorised service agents, field service suppliers, and property occupants. We strive to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and foster sustainable growth by leveraging cutting-edge technology, global best practices, and a commitment to excellence and integrity. We aim to set new benchmarks in the industry, driving continuous innovation and delivering exceptional value to all our stakeholders.

Our Values

Cultivating excellence in everything we do!

From our operations to every single strategic decision we take, our actions are anchored by our unwavering values that act as a compass as we continue to grow individually and as a team!

Customer Focus

You inspire us every single day! We tailor every innovative solution to fit your unique needs and help your business succeed.

Process Integrity

We're transparent and trustworthy, always. You can count on us to maintain the highest standards in everything we do, for your peace of mind!

Tech Innovation

Bringing the future closer with our tech! We're all about creating smarter, faster, and reliable solutions for field service management.

Social Responsibility

We are more than a company! We are committed to championing compliance and safety, to bring a meaningful difference in the communities we touch.

Meet our team

Awesome i4T Global Team

Some great minds working tirelessly to make i4T Global a resounding name in the Field Service Management industry!

Founder & Chairman
Investor / Advisor
Director Engineering
Industry Advisor


i4T Global was envisaged by Logan Nathan, whose vision was greatly amplified when his long-term trusted partner, Sachi Wickramage, joined him as Co-Founder. The inspiration behind creating i4T Global was to address the challenges in the Field Service Management (FSM) industry by leveraging technology to enhance Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety.

i4T Global offers a suite of solutions tailored to the FSM industry, including i4T Maintenance, i4T Business, and i4Tradies. These platforms cater to different industry needs, from Maintenance Management for Property, Construction, and Service Managers, to Field Service Management for Service Suppliers and Service Request Management for Occupants.
i4T Global is driven by customer focus, tech innovation, process integrity, and social responsibility. These values are at the heart of our mission to revolutionize the FSM industry and reflect in every aspect of our operations and services.
Since its launch in 2017, i4T Global has rapidly expanded, introducing cutting-edge solutions and gaining recognition in the FSM sector. Our growth trajectory includes the introduction of various platforms like i4T Maintenance, i4T Business and i4Tradies and expansion into global markets, adapting to evolving industry needs, especially during pivotal moments such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
i4T Global stands out for its comprehensive ecosystem that connects all FSM stakeholders – from Authorized Service Agents to Field Service Suppliers and Asset Owners & Occupants. Our use of advanced technology, focus on creating value-driven customer experiences, and dedication to service excellence set us apart in the industry.
Welcome to i4T Global Ecosystem!

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