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Sustainability Matters to Us

We Are Driven By a Purpose

When it comes to ESG initiatives, there is no such thing as a coincidence. It is a conscious and continuous effort to be more responsible in everything we do!

Preserving the Planet

Designing our product in a way that results in the preservation of property assets with lesser wastage of resources, time, and energy for everyone, means a happier and healthier planet.

Helping Our People Grow

From continent to continent, we’re dedicated to nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace and building a culture that helps us deliver on the promise we have made to our clients.

Supporting Our Communities

We are all for giving back to the people around us. The causes we support are a reflection of our commitment to changing the lives of those who thus far remained unrepresented.

Best Practices, All the Way!

We strive to bring accountability and transparency into our processes and the practices we follow, which is crucial for building trust with our people and within our communities.
“ Integrating ESG into our core strategy has been crucial from the start. Not just because it aligns with our vision for growth, but more so, because of our commitment to making a positive impact in the world around us.”

Sachi Wickramage

CoFounder & CEO of i4T Global

Preserving The Planet

Leveraging Technology to Drive Impact

Sustaining While Maintaining

We strive to bring accountability and transparency into our processes and the practices we follow, which is crucial for building trust with our people and within our communities.

Smart Scheduling, Less Waste

Getting resource-savvy is easier with i4T Global! Our scheduling and inventory management capabilities make sure your team, your time, and your tools are optimised across every stage, minimising waste and maximizing efficiency.

Minimising Travel, Maximising Accuracy

With our real-time visibility feature, services delivered by our clients hit the mark, the first time, reducing unnecessary travel and helping keep our air cleaner.

A Paper Free Greener Tomorrow!

Go paperless and feel great about it! Our digital signatures and electronic invoice and payment options help reduce paper waste, so you can save trees and streamline your operations, at the same time.

Going Virtual to reduce Carbon-footprint

Learn and get support from wherever you are! Our virtual options, like email, phone, and web form reduce the need for travel, save energy, and cut emissions—one support ticket at a time.

Eco-friendly Ways to Get in Touch

Our tools help streamline communication, cutting down on the old phone-and-email routine and making your daily operations smoother and greener.

Helping Our People Grow

Building a Supportive, Flexible, and Equitable Workplace

Caring for Our Team

We’ve got your back! Our comprehensive benefits package looks after employee health, financial security, career growth, and psychological well-being, giving our champions everything they need to excel in life.

Thriving Employee Experience

We’re all about positive vibes! Our work environment is designed to be engaging and supportive, making sure every team member feels valued and inspired every day.

Work Your Way

Love the flexibility to work from anywhere? We do too! We have tailored our workspace to fit your life and keep your work and personal needs in perfect harmony.

Unity in Diversity

Innovation knows no borders, genders, or ethnicities! Our global team brings together diverse minds to spark creativity, enrich our culture, and develop a local understanding of our brand.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Fairness is non-negotiable. We ensure everyone is rewarded equally for their hard work and expertise, promoting a culture of respect and equality.

Giving Back

Our team members are passionate about making a difference and generously volunteer their time and skills for food and education drives.

Supporting Our Communities

Transforming the Lives Of Those Around Us

Accessibility in Action

We’re proud to support our field service suppliers that are disadvantaged due to hearing impairment, by introducing accessibility features on our platform. This helps ensure they get an equal shot at success!

Striving to Uphold Best Practices with Strata

As members of the Strata Community Association, we learn and apply the best practices to make community living smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Making Mental Health Matter

We care deeply about the well-being of the tradespeople, who are under constant pressure to put a tougher exterior on display while hiding what they are truly going through. TradeMutt is one such “Conversation Starter” we support.

Best Practices, All the Way

Driving Positive Change Through Better Governance

We Take Privacy Seriously!

By sticking to GDPR standards, we make sure our user’s data is always secure and treated with the respect it deserves.

Meeting ISO Standards with Pride

Our processes and systems aren’t just good; they’re ISO-certified great! This ensures you receive high-quality and consistent services every time.

Ensuring Transparency in Stakeholder Engagement

We believe in keeping the lines open. With honest and clear communication, we keep all our stakeholders well-informed and actively involved.

Commitment to SLAs

With 98% SLA fulfillment, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable and prompt services to all our clients and partners.

Ethical Use of AI Tools

We ensure that while we are improving operational efficiency with AI automation, we are addressing important concerns like false claims and incorrect information through proper auditing.

Learn More About What Shapes ESG Goals at i4T Global

We’re always on the lookout for how we can do better for our planet, our people, our customers, and our communities. We encourage feedback and suggestions on our ESG initiatives.
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