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Shant Kradjian

Shant Kradjian

Investor / Advisor

Shant Kradjian is the Managing Director of digiDIRECT which was established in 2006 when he was only 19yrs old.

digiDIRECT “service, product & price” has 6 retail stores and a website with a commitment to being “best in the show” and employs over 100 staff.

The Company has CBD locations in three major cities on the Australian eastern seaboard: Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, and Cannington (Perth) WA. 2 further locations are found in Westfields Bondi Junction and Miranda delivers all relevant services in the retail & online photographic space.

digiDirect services a range of corporate customers in Australia & overseas and carries a vast range of digital photographic, video, and related equipment and accessories.

Shant has always believed that the backbone and strength of his company come from its website and has always ensured that his investment in this area remains paramount. Plans are underway to revamp the website with a focus on the customer experience and making sure it can deliver on the promises it makes. To this end, a major investment in omnichannel marketing has already begun.

digiDIRECT’s position within the industry is strong, with increased optimism about the company’s long-term goals. Shant has a strong sense of community: Paying it forward, and giving back!

  • Yearly Participant in fundraisers for Beyond Blue and Starlight Foundation.
  • Proud supporter of the Sony Foundation’s River 4ward Charity Events
  • Ongoing sponsorship of the Cambodian Rural Students Trust. which believes that education Breaks the poverty cycle.

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