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Table of Contents

9 Best Property Maintenance Software's in Australia

9 Best Property Maintenance Software in Australia

Table of Contents

In today’s highly competitive landscape, property maintenance software is not merely a helping tool to power up your workflows. It offers advanced features to improve efficiency, transparency, compliance, and safety. 

In this article, we will look at some of the leading property maintenance software in Australia. We’ll go through the industries they serve and the features they offer. We will also understand the importance of aligning software choices with your specific business needs. Finally, we’ll look at how to evaluate each software accordingly.

This article aims to help property managers, real estate agents, maintenance managers, strata, and facility managers. By the end of it, you will be able to make an informed decision when evaluating and choosing property maintenance software in Australia. 

Leading property maintenance software in Australia

i4T Maintenance

Software Overview

i4T Maintenance is a Maintenance Management Software to enhance the value of Property, Construction, and Service-based assets. It seamlessly connects Authorized Service Agents with Field Service Suppliers and Asset Owners & Occupants helping them optimize workflows and enjoy greater Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety, throughout the asset lifecycle.

Industries served 

As a property maintenance platform, it is ideal for residential and commercial properties, real estate/ strata, enterprise buildings, facilities, and community associations. 

Features offered

It offers powerful features like Work Order, Compliance, and Vendor Management, with real-time visibility and end-to-end process automation. 

It offers a white-labeled self-service portal for tenants/owners to place service requests, track progress, make payments, and rate service quality. 

It also supports integration with third-party apps, including some of the most popular property management platforms.


Software Overview

Upkeep is an Asset Operations Management solution designed for maintenance and reliability teams to help them run their operations effectively and efficiently.

Industries served

Upkeep is implemented by a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Recreation, Healthcare, Facilities, Property, Building, and more. 

Features offered

Some of the most valuable features offered by Upkeep include Work Order Management, Asset Management, and Request Management. It also offers Parts and Inventory Management, Preventive Management, Safety, Compliance, Integrations, Analytics, and Reporting. 


Software Overview

AppFolio is a cloud-based real estate and property management software, to streamline and automate the real estate management processes. 

Industries served

The solution is well suited to manage a variety of properties including Single Family, Multi Family, Affordable Housing, Student Housing, Community Associations, Commercial, and Investment Management.

Features offered

Appfolio offers plenty of features covering Communication and Services, Accounting and Reporting, Maintenance and Efficiency, Staffing and Training, Marketing and Leasing, Management and Growth.

Yardi Breeze

Software Overview

Yardi Breeze is an intuitive and powerful property management software, that makes work easier with better property management and accounting tools. 

Industries served

The platform is designed to serve property management needs, including maintenance, for a wide range of properties. These include Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Affordable Housing, Self-Storage, Community Associations, and Multi-housing.

Features offered

For each of the industries it serves, it offers different features. More commonly, you would find it best suited to carry out tasks such as Online Maintenance, Accounting, Payment, and invoicing. It is also used for Job Cost Tracking, Communication, Rent Management, and CRM.

Bricks + Agents

Software Overview

Brick + Agents is one of the most innovative Property and Facilities Management Software, designed to connect property managers, tradespeople, owners, and tenants. 


Industries served

It serves the following industries: Property, Real Estate, Facilities, and Strata Management. 

Features offered 

Bricks + Agents works great when it comes to the following features: Omni-channel Maintenance Requests, Automated Compliance and Updates, Mobility, and Apps. Users can also benefit from Automated Invoice Entry, Reporting and Analytics, Data, and Integrations.


Software Overview

Stratafy is an all-in-one Strata or Building Management Software. It is used by Strata Managers, Building Managers, Property Asset Managers, and Facilities Managers to provide end-to-end service excellence.

Industries served

Stratafy serves residential, Office/Commercial, and Retail clients.

Features offered 


Some of the features it offers include Strata TRUST Account, Resident Mobile App, and Work Order Management. It also offers CRM, Live Analytics, Document Management, and Contractor Management. 


Software Overview

Re-leased is a commercial property management software that offers solutions for Landlords and Investors, Property Management Companies, and Corporate Occupiers. 

Industries served

Re-leased serves Industrial, Office, and Retail properties. It is also suited to meet the property management needs of Local Government, Transport, Rural Estates, Charities, and Healthcare among others. 

Features offered 

The platform is designed to meet goals such as Tenant and Lease Administration, Maintenance Management, Arrears, and Credit Control, and Property Reporting. Other features include Portfolio Insights and Analytics, Integration with ERP, and Accounting Apps. Users can also benefit from Online Tenant Payments, Automated Invoice Processing, and an App Marketplace. 


Software Overview

Buildium is a property management software. It is purpose-built for property managers and real estate agents, to handle all sizes and types of properties and through all growth stages. 

Industries served

Buildium works best for Residential Properties and Commercial properties. Users can also manage their portfolios for Community Associations, Affordable Housing, and Student Housing. 

Features offered 

Buildium offers an array of features for property managers. These include a Resident and Owner’s portal, Maintenance Tracking System, and Tenant Screening. It also offers Analytics and Reporting, Integrations, and an open API. 

Property ware

Software Overview

Property ware is a powerful, custom-built, and open platform for property management. 

Industries served

The platform is designed to specifically address the needs of Single Family property management companies. 

Features offered 

Property ware offers robust features supporting Online Leasing, Property Management, Property Maintenance, Accounting, and Operations & Risk Management. 

Choosing the right property maintenance software

When it comes to addressing your property maintenance needs, there is no one size fits all.

Besides your specific business requirements, you might also want to evaluate each software based on criteria other than features and pricing. Let’s look at these below: 

Aligning with your business needs

When choosing property maintenance software, it’s important to align its capabilities with your specific business goals.

From the types of properties you manage to the size of your portfolio, the number of people in your team, and your budget, you need to ensure that the solution addresses the specific problems that you need to tackle. 


Do you need it to free up resources by automating routine tasks? Can your team performance improve with more streamlined communication? Do you want to keep track of work orders on the go? Your specific needs will help you guide through the decision-making process.

How to evaluate each choice

Now that you have decided on the features you are after, next you need to evaluate each vendor. 


Ask your software provider if they provide free demos or a trial period for you to test the platform. Check what kind of training or support they provide to your teams. Does the software help you add more properties and users as you scale your business? How user-friendly is the solution that you have selected? 


Also remember to check out reviews on popular review websites for your chosen software vendor to get an idea about their reliability, and overall user satisfaction. 

Wrapping up

The property maintenance software you choose depends on several factors. Your decision needs to be based on the alignment of software capabilities with your business goals. It’s also worth looking at other factors such as vendor reliability, customer support, and overall ratings. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that helps you connect with your suppliers and your tenants seamlessly and efficiently, i4T Maintenance has got you covered.

i4T Maintenance is becoming a game-changer when it comes to meeting project scope, budget, and timeline for property maintenance tasks. As an end-to-end property maintenance software, it seamlessly connects all stakeholders while ensuring tenant satisfaction.

Signup and request a demo today! 


Some of the best property maintenance software in Australia are i4T Maintenance, Upkeep, Appfolio, Yardi-Breeze, and Re-Leased. Each platform has its own strengths. Remember, to evaluate your options before making a choice.

Yes, property maintenance software can help follow legal rules and standards. It can keep records, track certificates, and inspections, and remind you about important legal dates.

Property maintenance software can help manage many types of properties. This includes residential and commercial properties, real estate and strata, enterprise buildings, facilities, and community associations.

Property maintenance software usually has features like managing work orders, planning regular maintenance, tracking assets, controlling inventory, managing documents, mobile access, real-time reporting, and tracking tenants and leases. Many also have communication tools for instant updates and alerts.

Not all property maintenance software offers free trials or demos, but many do. This lets possible customers try out the product before they buy it. Always check with the software company or their website to find out about trials or demos.

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