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COVID-19, Kleen Hospitality Delivering Compliant Service

Amid COVID-19, Kleen Hospitality Delivering Compliant Field Service for Johnson & Company Estate Agents – Lease Team Via i4T Business

Table of Contents

Ensuring Customer safety amid COVID-19

In these dire times, Kleen Hospitality, a Sydney based cleaning company has been delivering an outstanding service ensuring property occupants’ safety and wellbeing while they are confined to their homes during this crisis.

Runesh Karpaya, owner of Kleen Hospitality believes that an outbreak or no outbreak, cleanliness is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle and even more so amid the COVID-19 threat.

Following Regulations

“Strictly following Australian government regulations, we work in teams of 1 or maximum 2 people to keep a 2 meter distance between our employees as well as our clients. We ensure the highest quality of cleaning and disinfecting properties we serve with not a single inch overlooked. Our goal is not just ensuring proper hygiene in the properties we clean but also wow you with an outstanding service be it housekeeping or commercial cleaning.”

Regular cleaning is an important part in keeping properties presentable and ready to be leased out again as soon as they are vacated.

Ensuring Tenant's Happiness and Wellbeing

Ashley Johnson, CEO of Johnson & Company Estate Agents – LeaseTeam, Sydney’s Authorised Service Agents, believes in proactive maintenance that ensures property occupant’s happiness and wellbeing.

“As a duty of care for the safety and wellbeing of future tenants and inspection attendees we select to work with trusted housekeeping services like Kleen Hospitality to keep our properties in good order and give deep disinfectant cleaning when required in these new times of COVID-19.”

Using the i4T Maintenance and i4T Business platforms respectively, companies like Johnson & Company Estate Agents – LeaseTeam and Kleen Hospitality have been able to deliver prompt quotes and a streamlined cleaning services to clients,, keep clear lines of communication between Service Agents, Field Service Suppliers and Property Occupants, maintain visual record keeping and revolutionizing the way the field service industry operates.

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