8 Ways to SIMPLIFY Life for Field Service Technicians

8 Ways to SIMPLIFY Life for On-The-Road Tradies Technicians
Whether you are a seasoned Field Service Supplier or just a novice in the industry, you must be well and truly aware of what a massive headache manually managing your day to day jobs can be! Are you tired of dealing with disgruntled property occupants because you couldn’t make it on time, or worse, you ended up waiting outside while the client wasn’t even home? Have you been spending too much time chasing late payments when you should actually be responding to quotation requests? Does recording your work progress eat up your weeknights and weekends? Having witnessed a lot of suppliers stretched between keeping customers happy and fulfilling all management requirements, I know that life of on-the-road field service workers can be a nightmare when you don’t have the right technology to help you out! With mobile based cloud platforms making huge waves in every industry, big or small, why should Field Services be left behind? Let’s take a look at how i4T Business paired with i4T Employee, a Field Service Management solution for business owners and their technicians, respectively, can SIMPLIFY field service delivery and bring peace of mind to on-the-road service providers.

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Scheduling Made Easy!

Ever found yourself stuck with a less important job when high priority projects are waiting in the queue?

As a Field Service Supplier, prioritising tasks remains highly critical in order to deliver timely and quality customer service.

Having instant access to property occupants’  location and the various jobs that need to be completed allows on-the-road suppliers to schedule their work accordingly, get more organized and enhance overall workflow efficiency. This also helps keep the main office posted with respect to work progress and any changes you make to the schedule.

Invoicing Automation

Are you tired of chasing late payments from your property occupants? Have you waited weeks for your customers to pay only to find out that you sent the invoice to the wrong address?

A decade ago it was a norm for Field Service businesses to collect payments 4-6 weeks after the service was delivered. However, today, a Field Service Management solution with an integrated accounting system allows you to invoice customers on the same day on the job site and get paid instantly.

Measuring Service Quality

You might be satisfied with your service delivery, but do your customers feel the same way? Ever found yourself wondering what customers think about your work? Are you finding it hard to justify your performance for an upcoming employee appraisal?

Measuring the quality of service delivery is an important aspect of Field Services business determining whether a property occupant would call you again or not! Getting instant ratings and reviews about your service not only boosts your own morale but also keeps track of your performance for future appraisals.

i4T Business not only allows your customers to provide ratings and reviews, but you too can rate customers based upon pre-defined criteria, making it easy for you to decide whether you would like to serve them again or not! “We have saved so much time and effort by leveraging the i4T Business’ social media engagement features, and the Surface is the tool we want to roll out right across our workforce.” explains Paul, owner of P.A.D Plumbing.

Paperless Record Keeping

Have you stopped looking forward to weekends because of the daunting paperwork that awaits you!

As managing work-life balance becomes a growing concern among Field Service Suppliers, handling a huge pile of paperwork for the purpose of record keeping makes their job even more complex and time consuming!

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could record the job as it happens and report it instantly to your main office?

That’s exactly what i4T Business helps you achieve! From visually recording the job on site, to automatically populating form fields and storing the recently signed invoice of the customer, all data can be archived and retrieved instantly in a matter of a few taps on your mobile device! Say hello to weekends once again!

Less Human Error

Do you end up ringing the wrong doorbell all too often? Have you been dispatching the invoices to incorrect addresses?

Ever got caught in the embarrassment of charging a property occupant for the same work twice?

If any of that sounds too close to home, you can indeed benefit from i4T Business.

Seamlessly connecting your back office with i4T Employee app, it eliminates human errors that we got so used to when taking down information on spreadsheets, white boards and sticky notes not very long ago. With all data in one place, easily accessible anytime anywhere, i4T Businessleaves no room for error in carrying out your daily field work.

Interacting Constantly and Seamlessly

Isn’t it frustrating to commute back and forth to the main office each time you finish a job in order to get a new one assigned?

Having a centralised point for data access and all business communication, field service technicians can receive new job orders along with all required customer information while on-the-road. Starting a new job as soon as they have finished the previous one not only increases field efficiency but also customer satisfaction.

“Bumps and drops happen all the time in the field, but when used with its rugged protective cover, Surface Pro seems to be immune to all that!” says Paul.

Flawless Customer Service

Being able to respond to property occupants’ queries as they arise, is the essence of great customer service.

Customers today are craving relationships, not just one time interactions! Being able to get to the job site as quickly as possible, equipped with the right tools and parts, visually recording the job, asking customers to rate your service and instantly getting paid are all ingredients to turn a good customer service into a great one.

Yielding Better Results in Less Time

How wonderful will it be to save all that time wasted in managing jobs and spend it on the job, instead?

With all the information you need right on your mobile device in a single app, your phone no longer needs to ring 20 times a day for new job assignments nor do you need to switch between different apps for each task you want to perform.

With i4T Business, you can streamline daily activities, reach job sites directly without stopping at the main office and finish all jobs one after another keeping your senior management in the loop every time. With no time wasted on managing the jobs and maintaining records, you can focus more on productivity and customer satisfaction, yielding better results for your business in less time!


Productivity and efficiency in the field can be the sole reason why property occupants keep calling you back and have nothing but praises when it comes to reviewing your service!

Are you looking for a platform that can help you improve your company’s bottom line, deliver customer satisfaction or just get back the peace of mind that seems to have been lost somewhere in between! i4T Business paired with i4T Employee app, helps you achieve just that! Download the app now!

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