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Can Tradies afford to ignore today’s Smart Mobile Technology?

Table of Contents

The above mentioned metrics leave you no choice than to adopt a mobile-first strategy especially when your businesses depends solely on the new digital economy to be found online, build credibility and satisfy the rapidly evolving customer’s needs.

One industry, that’s somewhat slow to embrace the transition to digital, is the Australian Trades Services sector. This has caused businesses to experience delayed response to customer requests, lack of real-time insights into business operations, loss of precious business hours to guesswork and a tainted business reputation with the customers. However, the new generation of progressive Tradies are now realizing how much money they are leaving on the table due to their outdated ways of running their business.

Today, more and more Trades Services businesses are demanding mobile solutions to timely respond to their customer needs, keep an eye on their business and access information for critical decision making on the go! Simply put, this is a trend that’s hard to ignore for businesses that are still contemplating their technology options. i4Tradies, Customer Experience Management platform is one such solution that Tradies can access using smart mobile devices such as the Microsoft Surface, iPads, Android Tablets and literally take their office anywhere!

Therefore, in today’ digital world, Tradies aiming for SUCCESS can’t afford to ignore smart mobile technology due to the following great benefits it brings them.

1. Real-time Information Flow

Traditionally, Trades Services business owners had zero visibility into which jobs their on-the-road field workers are up to, how well a given job is progressing and how long will it take them to finish an on-going job and start the next one. This created workflow bottlenecks and unnecessary waste of time and resources that could be allocated productively.

Mobile based field service management solutions have made it possible for Trades Services businesses to eliminate the guess work and get updated in real-time as individual jobs progress from one stage to the next and monitor work as it happens.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience at every Touchpoint

Previously, handling customer’s job requests and maintaining customer information was filled with loopholes resulting in response delays, jobs lost, disgruntled customers and loads of time-consuming manual file keeping.

Today, customers have moved on from online business directories and ringing around to get quotes. They demand to know everything and they want that information fast! Smart mobile devices when used in conjunction with customer experience management software solutions, make it possible for businesses to timely and accurately respond to customer requests, help them track their job progress, make it easy for them to instantly receive and pay invoices and share their experience with the local community.

A 24/7 mobile presence helps boost customer trust in your service and strengthens brand reputation.

3. Moving into the Cloud

A new spreadsheet dedicated to every job, separate accounting system, a disconnected marketing and sales funnel and an incoherent and non-transparent employee performance evaluation. You can throw those problems in the attic and lock them for good because those are things of the past now!

As more and more Trades Services business are embracing technology driven solutions backed by a mobile-first mindset, they are realizing the level of competition the need to deal with and pressing need to satisfy their customers.

Tradies are adopting sophisticated business management tools that can be assessed through their mobile devices anywhere, anytime with all information in one place, using cloud based technology.

4. Generating Organic Leads

Smart Trades Services businesses know that the traditional offline word of mouth can only take them so far in their efforts to establish themselves as a trust worthy, quality service provider.

With customers spending more time on mobile than on desktop, targeted promotional deals sent through mobile apps can significantly improve the chances of securing more valuable leads. Moreover, services such as that connects qualified trades services providers with customers, are helping customers read reviews, compare quotes and find the right Tradie for their jobs right from their mobile devices, while helping Trades Services businesses generate new leads as a result.

This gives Tradies, who choose to become a part of the digital revolution, a solid competitive edge as well as an opportunity to strengthen their online presence.

With the use of smart mobile devices, progressive Trades Services businesses are now able to reach their customer sat every critical touch point and engage with them more quickly and effectively.

The ability to access any information no matter where they are, right from their mobile devices, is injecting more operational flexibility, enhanced business scalability and has pushed customer experience management to the next level.

Those businesses that are still not convinced of the true potential of mobile technology, will soon become irrelevant.i4Tradies cloud-based platform is designed for Tradies seeking to remain competitive by delivering an exception customer experience using today’s advance social, local and mobile technology.

If you want to learn more about how i4Tradies can help your Trades Services business, get in touch with us today!

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