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Countdown to Christmas: Maintenance Checklist for a Worry-free Holiday

Countdown to Christmas: Maintenance Checklist for a Worry-free Holiday 

Table of Contents

Whether you are a residential property manager or handle a commercial property portfolio, as the holiday approaches maintenance becomes increasingly important. Having a pre-holiday maintenance checklist can ensure you are well-prepared to meet the challenges that come with the holiday strain on your property.

Let’s find out what you need to include in this checklist to avoid last-minute calls from your tenants. 

Pre-holiday maintenance planning

Planning is the holy grail of holiday maintenance. The more solid your plan is, the fewer chances there are that you will have emergencies during this time of the year.

Setting the timeline for maintenance activities

To begin with, start early and create a realistic timeline for carrying out maintenance activities in advance. When setting up the timeline, consider various factors including availability of contractors, maintenance requests that can pop up at the last hour, and any unique demands of the season. Allow buffer periods for each timeline, and update it as tasks are complete or new needs arise. 

Prioritizing maintenance tasks

Not everything can be resolved as an urgent request. Prioritize tasks based on their criticality. Consider factors such as safety concerns, high-traffic areas, preventative maintenance, and aesthetic improvement. Anything that can cause a major disruption to the holiday fun, should be on top of your priority list. 

Coordinating with staff and contractors

This is a busy time of the year. The unavailability of contractors can put a major dent in your maintenance operations. Make sure you have communicated your needs and they have confirmed to you their availability. Also have a separate list of emergency contacts, to make sure you can resolve critical issues on short notice.

Let’s find out what you need to include in this checklist to avoid last-minute calls from your tenants. 

Safety checks and precautions

With all the decorations going on, this season calls for extra vigilance in terms of electrical and fire safety.

Electrical system inspection

The holiday season puts an extra load on the electrical system. From decorations to houses packed with guests, there is so much going on at the same time. Make sure you hire a licensed electrical contractor to inspect your tenant’s light decorations and ensure safe installation. You must also get their HVAC system checked to see if they are working efficiently and safely. 

Fire safety measures

Pre-holidays is a good time to inspect fire alarms and extinguishers, Ensure the batteries are working fine and the placement is done correctly. Also, review the fire escape plan. This is especially important if you are preparing your commercial property for the holiday rush. Routes should be marked and free of obstructions. When planning escape routes, also take into account residents with mobility issues. 

Structural integrity and weatherproofing

In most parts of the world, the Christmas season means snowfall. This means that you will have to weatherproof your property and ensure it’s structurally sound.

Inspect roofs and gutters: Schedule a maintenance inspection for roofs and gutters to make sure they are not damaged and are free of debris. Inspect flashing, check alignment, and look for any signs of leak or rust.

Check insulation and sealing: From attics and walls inside to the exposed pipes outside the house, make sure you are not losing any heat along the way due to poor insulation. Also worth looking at are doors, windows, and any cracks that might need to be sealed. 

Prepare for cold surprises: From snow and ice management to restoring power after a blackout or removing a fallen tree, make sure you are well prepared for such service requests even if it is on Christmas Eve. 

Interior maintenance before Christmas

HVAC: This involves carrying out professional checks to identify any issues with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Any faulty parts need to be replaced, efficiency needs to be checked and thermostats need to be programmed for optimal performance. 

Plumbing: From insulating pipes to faulty fittings and checking for any drips and leaks, a plumbing problem can dampen the holiday cheer. Schedule a preventive maintenance visit by your plumber to ensure such an event does not happen during the holidays. Also, educate the residents on where the shut-off valve is and how to use it if there is a burst pipe. 

Cleaning: This is the time of the year when tenants have their properties bustling with guests. It’s good to ask your tenants if they would like to have deep cleaning and decluttering services, to get the premises ready for hosting. 

Exterior maintenance before Christmas

Landscaping and outdoor lighting: Proper exterior maintenance ensures the safety and accessibility of the property. Give some extra love to the landscaping and exterior lighting. This ensures your tenants have neat, hazard-free, secure, and nicely lit outdoors that are perfect for the festive season.

Parking lot and walkway maintenance: Holiday season invites more foot traffic. In addition, the weather adds to the maintenance challenges with extra snow removal work. Make sure the walkways are free of cracks, potholes, or any other tripping hazards. Promptly address any repair and maintenance needs and ensure there are no obstructions. 

Engaging staff and tenants

Active and effective engagement with staff and tenants ensures the holidays go by without any surprises or unmet expectations. Maintenance managers should encourage clear communication and two-way participation in ensuring the success of their maintenance efforts.

Organize a pre-holiday meeting: Use this opportunity to share maintenance plans and set the expectations right before the holidays kick off. Encourage participation and address tenants’ concerns now, so the holiday season goes eventless. 

Communicate maintenance schedules: Provide tenants with advance notices of scheduled maintenance work. This allows them to stand ready for any disruptions to their business operations or house chores. Keep them in the loop if there are any changes or updates to the schedule. 

Provide multiple ways to reach out: From emails, texts, and phone calls to dedicated tenant portals to place service requests, ensure to give your tenants multiple ways to get in touch with you during the holidays. Provide a prompt response no matter which way they choose to get in touch with you. 

Collect tenant feedback: Feedback collected now will help gauge the effectiveness of your pre-holiday maintenance plan. It will also help you improve your service for the next holiday season.

Final preparations and checks

Review your pre-holiday maintenance plan using the above checklist. Also, involve your staff to ensure you have not missed out on any crucial maintenance work. 

Carry out a visual inspection of the property to further refine your checklist for any additions. 

Finally, check your emergency maintenance plan by ensuring you have all emergency contact details listed and communication protocols are in place. Organize a staff roster to ensure someone is always available to address urgent issues.

Wrapping up

Pre-holiday maintenance is important for several reasons. From ensuring the property is safe, functional, and comfortable, to improving its curb appeal and preventing last-minute disruptions, everything adds up to make the holiday of your tenants a happy one.

As the festive season draws nearer, the responsibilities of maintenance managers also get a spike in terms of:

  • Planning and prioritization
  • Coordination and communication
  • Safety assurance
  • Emergency preparations
  • Resource management
  • Compliance management

Having Maintenance Management Software at your disposal ensures you carry out all of these maintenance tasks with efficiency and transparency.

From getting in touch with trusted suppliers when needed to quickly address maintenance work orders and ensuring tenant satisfaction, it's time to put a CMMS under your Christmas Tree this year.

i4T Maintenance is one such Maintenance Management solution that can enhance the value of your residential and commercial properties this festive season. It will streamline and fast-track maintenance requests so residents and guests can enjoy a safe and fun holiday.

Want to learn more about i4T Maintenance? Book a Demo today or get in touch with us to see if it’s the right fit for your maintenance needs. 


Key tasks include checking heating and electrical systems, inspecting roofs and gutters, ensuring fire safety equipment is working, and preventing plumbing from freezing.

Begin at least a month in advance to allow time for thorough checks and unexpected repairs.

Your plan should have emergency contacts, communication rules, staff ready for emergencies, tools and equipment access, and checks on backup systems like generators.

Focus on electrical safety (especially with lights), fire safety (due to more heating use), and preventing slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Ask residents to report issues early, share maintenance schedules with them, and consider a meeting to discuss plans and get feedback.

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