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Cowboy Technicians are in for trouble and so are their customers!

Cowboy Field Service Suppliers are in for trouble and so are their customers!

Table of Contents

Transparent Pricing

According to a research, 2/3 of customers fail to request written quotes from the Field Service company they are dealing with, ending up being ripped off on hidden labour and material costs that were not mentioned earlier. i4T Business paired with i4Tradies find-a-tradie app, allows service owners to send written detailed quotes to the customers giving a complete breakdown of each item that will be charged, adding more transparency to the job pricing for the customer and more credibility towards the business.

Legal Compliance

With 1 in 5 customers failing to check trade credentials before hiring, dodgy work does not come as a surprise. A licence number on a letterhead or business card is not good enough. Customers need to make sure their service provider is registered, the licence is verifiable from a credible source, they are insured and have previously done work that has been positively rated and reviewed by their customers, which i4Tradies helps customers to do with ease. If the property owners pay no heed to the warnings and still hire an unlicensed provider, they should stand ready to pay the penalty and the cost of the job gone wrong, as it will not be insured.

Customer Security

With stories of rogue field service suppliers involved in crimes like theft and murders, how safe are property occupants when they open their doors for yet another cowboy to fix that basement flooding? Customers need the peace of mind knowing that the professional they are dealing with, has in fact been sent by the same registered company they hired for the job. “This works just like Uber for customers. The only difference is that instead of getting the driver’s details, they get the field service technician’s details like name, photo id and company name,” says Jerome Beekmans, franchise owner of Mr. Electric Australia.

Job Tracking

Security is an important aspect for a household with children and aged members, so you can trust the Field Service Supplier with your home and even leave when something urgent comes up; but how would you keep tabs on the job then? “It’s actually quite simple,” says Amanda, a Melbourne based customer who has used i4Tradies for three jobs so far, plumbing, electrical and window cleaning. “I can track job progress on the go from start to finish with real-time updates received on my mobile from the i4Tradies app.” On i4T Business app, it works the same way for the business owners too. The company that sends their technician gets similar updates and can monitor employee location via GPS to keep track of their assignments.


Credentials such as licences and insurances provide a mechanism for the government to regulate the Field Service Management industry, put a stop on rogue providers from undertaking work and protect the property occupants from falling victim. Home owners need to be aware of how credible the company they are hiring is, what they are expected to pay for and keep an eye on the job as it progresses without watching the service provider’s work all this while.

About i4Tradies

i4Tradies is a first of its kind technology platform connecting Field Service Suppliers and Property Occupants, so the latter can check their credentials including licences, ABN, insurance and website, get written quotes and track job progress. With i4Tradies, customers can now have the peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a trusted provider.

If you are a Field Service Supplier, get a 2 Week Free Trial with i4T Business and watch how you can enhance efficiency and transparency with your customer base on every aspect of your field service delivery.

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