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Pip Bunk Drillwomen

Drilling forewoman Pip Buunk is making female Field Service Suppliers proud

Table of Contents

Success comes with its challenges

Initially, for Pip, one of the biggest challenges was to get strong and fit enough to keep up with the guys. Being the only female and a lot smaller meant figuring out different ways to lift and move gear and still keep up.
pip bunnk in site
Pip Bunnk in site

“The biggest challenge though has been being the first and only female most companies had employed in a field position and dealing with the old-school attitudes, bullying and harassment that sometimes comes with it,” Pip confesses.

While the super girl still has to deal with this from time to time, Pip feels that there is now plenty of support for women getting into field services, with various support groups and people in general willing to help and guide females through their tough moments!

“The more of us there are, the more we are becoming accepted into the Trades community.”

Pip's proudest moment

In 2018, Pip won the NAWIC Tradeswoman of the Year award, and was elected by the federation members to sit on the New Zealand Drillers Federation Council.
Pip Getting Awarded

“Both were huge goals I’d set myself several years before,” says Pip. Not long after, Pip became a board member of Women in Trades NZ and also the chair of the Tradeswomen sub-committee, which was a dream come true.

“This allowed me to become a source of information and support for other women that I wished I’d had when starting out.”

A job you fall in love with every day!

The forewoman’s work is taking her places as she looks at new challenges right in the eye and tells them “this place belongs to me”.
pip fun at work

“The thing I love about being a Tradie is the variety,” says Pip. “Different jobs in different parts of the country, doing something a little different every time and having the challenge of constantly adapting and evolving what we do.”

“Getting to drive different trucks and transporters, learning to operate different machinery and drilling methods. Doing something practical that I can drive past years down the track and say “I drilled under there” or “my anchors are holding that rock face/bridge/road etc. up” gives me a sense of pride in what I do.”

Other passions

Besides working and her various industry involvements, Pip enjoys reading, collecting and wearing colorful makeup, growing cacti and succulents, and training for powerlifting competitions which she competes in several times a year.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is about Pip’s journey as a Female Field Service Supplier and her comments are only experiences and opinions and do not reflect the standing or opinions of any companies or federations she is or have been affiliated with.

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