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Drones Mr. Electric

Drone Technology Setting Sky-High Service Standards for Electricians in Australia

Table of Contents

"Sky is the limit"

 You know electricians at Mr. Electric Australia really mean it, when they say, “Sky is the limit”.

Drones have opened new doors to safer, faster and more accurate service delivery for electricians as Mr. Electric adopts this new technology as part of their regular site inspections and maintenance before carrying out actual electrical installations or electrical repair work at commercial and residential sites.

“The basic idea of this technology is to help us get a clear picture of what we are getting ourselves into before starting the actual work,” says Jerome Beekman, Franchiser and owner of Mr. Electric Australia. “You can think of a camera mounted drone as more of an assistant getting us aerial images without having to climb up the ladder to inspect damaged wiring in the roof or fused bulbs high up on the poles.”

While transitioning to a new technology takes time as you train your staff to implement something that is very different from conventional practices, for Mr. Electric, the integration of drone technology into their few recent site inspections already seems promising.

“For us the foremost benefit has been worker’s safety. We no longer need to put our workers at risk of falling from high elevation sites during a site inspection, because now the drone can do it for us,” Jerome points out. “This also means lower worker insurance costs, which in turns means savings for the business and eventually, savings for the customers.

The benefits don’t end there. For time consuming jobs such as carrying out a complete roof inspection before a solar panel installation, the drone can do the job much faster and with a lot more precision than done manually.

Other Technologies

Drones are not the only technology that Mr. Electric Australia has adopted to live up to its mission of delivering exceptional service to their customers. Mr. Electric has also been one of the early adopters of i4Tradies, a cloud-based Customer Experience Management SaaS platform to enhance field service delivery and improve customer service.

“Be its workers’ safety, cost-effectiveness for our business and our customers or efficiency and effectiveness in terms of service delivery, our goal has been to bring constant improvement in the job,” says Jerome. i4Tradies is a step in the same direction, while the addition of the drone technology into our current workflows naturally complements the Customer Experience platform we have been using.

i4Tradies founder, Logan Nathan, also seems positive. “I think it’s great to see Tradies adopting technology to improve service delivery. i4Tradies already supports visual description of jobs by taking images for job recording and maintaining history,” explains Logan. “With the ability of drones to capture and share images in real-time, we believe this will further enhance Mr. Electric’s ability to accurately analyse job sites and return with a well thought out plan to carry out the work. It’s only a matter of time when drones will fully integrate with their workflows, in a way that will provide long term benefits.”

About Mr. Electric

Established in 1994, Mr. Electric® is a global franchise organization providing electrical installation and repair services. Mr. Electric is a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group, Inc., family of service franchises.
Phone: 1300 673 532

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