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Drone Story of Pad Plumbing

Drones Becoming The Latest Tech Innovation Being Adopted By Aussie Tradies

Table of Contents

Drone technology is changing the way Australian Tradies will operate in near future

As they quickly become mainstream, drone technology is now making way into the Australian Trades Services industry, being adopted mainly for site inspections especially in electrical, plumbing and construction industries.

Progressive Tradies seeking to upskill in order to get a market edge, are no longer loading their UTEs with bulky ladders for those hard to reach places. Instead they are using drone technology, completely transforming the way how they conduct site inspections.

Founder of i4Tradies, Logan Nathan, who has been an advocate for Digital Transformation Technologies for Trades Services Industry, spotted this a few months ago. “Finally, we managed to convince some of our clients to start using drone technology in conjunction with i4Tradies, which takes our ‘Techno Tradies’ customers to another level in terms of adopting smarter work practices and building customer trust,” says Logan. “The time and cost savings tradies can transfer to their clients are some of the added benefits that come along with safer work practices drones have to offer.”

One such ‘Techno Tradie’ is Paul Dorian, from PAD Plumbing, based in Melbourne, who has now taken the next step to boost field efficiency using the drone technology along with i4Tradies.”

“Getting up on the roof to find the exact source of leakage puts Tradies at the risk of a heat stroke on a hot day or a possible fall if its slippery out there after the rain,” Paul explains. “Using a drone for site inspection saves us putting our Tradies at a major safety risk and thus saves us on ‘Workers Insurance’ costs in the near future as well.”

Anywhere! Anytime!

For any sites, whether residential or commercial, which require climbing using a ladder for inspection can be a lot more time and labour intensive. Drones help solve the problem as they can fly over these sites, collect the date more precisely in less time and can be controlled with just one person, instead of an entire team.

“Getting the job done faster and with less labour using drones means cost saving for our customers, while we as a business, can achieve much more in a single day,” adds Paul. “Our customers are actually quite surprised when they see us coming in a normal car for inspecting their roof leaks, instead of a UTE with a ladder tied up. Their surprise soon turns into joy, as they find out how effectively and efficiently the job that can be done from a plumber call out who uses drone technology.”

The ability of drones to collect and share information in real-time, makes them an even vital technology asset for the Trades Services industry.

“We are already using i4Tradies App, that helps us share images from job sites in real-time with the rest of the team. Using a drone to capture and analyse these images naturally complements our existing field service management software, helping our teams cut the time spent interpreting data and generating reports,” says Paul. “It’s simply amazing how many benefits one can reap from one tech gadget for your business.”

About PAD Plumbing

Pad Plumbing
Owned by Paul Dorian, PAD Plumbing has been operating since mid-90s, providing commercial, residential and industrial plumbing services.  Paul is a fully licensed plumber and a member of the Victorian Plumber Association. PAD Plumbing offers fast, reliable and friendly 24 hour plumbing services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
Phone: 1800 937 586

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