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Establish your own EV Charge Point Maintenance Business in 2023

Establish your own EV Charge Point Maintenance Business in 2023

Table of Contents

Planning to launch your own EV Charger Maintenance business? The time is now!

With increasing focus on improving the future, most discussions center on technological advances like electric cars. So, now is a great time to start your EV Charge point maintenance business if you want to.

EV Charging stations or spots are becoming more common in both developed as well as underdeveloped countries.

With the green revolution happening fast, you can make a lot of money with your new EV Charger Maintenance business.

Did you know the global electric vehicle charging infrastructure market was valued at USD 11.9 billion in 2022? Research indicates that the market will grow at a CAGR of 45.0% from 2022 to 2027, reaching USD 76.9 billion.

According to information gathered through data, the market is driven by several factors, such as: 

  • Government incentives
  • Falling electric vehicle prices
  • Rising demand for energy-efficient transportation
  • Rising environmental pollution concerns.

Now let us look at how to use field service software to launch a business.

A step-by-step guide for EV charge point maintenance business

1.       Making it real

This step involves registering your company and giving it legal status. Make sure to pinch yourself because this will be a big moment in your journey. 

Set up your company’s unique brand name and how you want it to be organized legally. You can set up your business as sole business ownership, a partnership, a corporation, or an LLC. 

Before starting a business installing and fixing EV charging stations:

  • You should get training in the field and be authorized as a repairer of EVs.
  • Get protection as a company owner that covers insurance, property, and business loss.
  • General liability insurance protects your business in case someone gets hurt, or something gets broken on the job.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical bills, missed wages, and recovery when a worker suffers an injury.

2. In-depth market analysis

You only enter a game if you know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Just like that, you should only enter a competitive industry if you study the market. In the EV Charge Point Maintenance business, there are a lot of competitors, so it’s important to do a deep analysis. 

Today, market research can be done in more than one way. However, given the success rate of the report, we strongly advise PESTEL analysis. The factors listed below illustrate what should be in a PESTLE report when it is developed.

  • Political factors: Measures like tax incentives, grants, and subsidies can impact consumer behavior and help the EV charging market expand. Regulations about safety, environmental issues, and technical standards may also impact the industry. 
  • Economic Factors: The price of electricity and the expense of upkeep and repairs for EV chargers should also be considered.
  • Cultural and Social Factors: The adoption of electric vehicles is being driven by the trend toward sustainability and environmental consciousness. This pattern will persist, which might increase demand for EV charging stations and associated services.
  • Factors related to technology: Advancements in battery technology can increase electric cars’ driving range and decrease recharging frequency.
  • Environmental considerations: Compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, electric vehicles are thought to be more environmentally friendly. A rise in demand for EV charging infrastructure is also likely as governments and consumers work to reduce their carbon footprints.
  • Legal Aspects: The upkeep and repair may be influenced by legal aspects like intellectual property rights, contractual responsibilities, and regulatory compliance.

After this step, it’s time to divide the market into different parts. For example, the market can be split into groups based on where your customers are and what kind of service or charger they use. Let’s move on to the next step, which is working out who our target market is. 

Here are some potential target markets for EV Charge Point Maintenance: 

  • Manufacturers of EV charging points are a significant market for repair and maintenance services. Their charging stations must be maintained and fixed regularly to work correctly.
  • The owners and managers of public and business charge points could also be a target market. To give their clients reliable service, they must ensure their charging units are in good condition.
  • If towns or areas want more people to use EVs, government organizations must offer repair and support services.
  • The service could be required by EV users who have set up charging places at their homes or businesses of work.

3. Putting together a well-planned business plan 

A business plan includes a well-thought-out growth plan showing how cash flow and marketing fit into the strategy. A detailed business plan makes clients more likely to trust you and makes it easier to borrow money from lenders when needed. 

When making the business plan, include the following important parts to succeed.

  • Business objective
  • Customer-centric strategies
  • Management team
  • Hiring/firing policy
  • Daily operations
  • Business practices
  • Sustainability plan
  • Marketing plan 
  • Financial projection
  • Projected profit & loss
  • Working capital
  • Equipment and vehicle costs
  • Marketing expenses

4.   Acquiring the most essential assets for growth

Three of the most important capitals for running a business are employees, machinery, and technology. These things are needed for a company to work. So, let’s see what you need to consider when starting an EV Charge Point Maintenance business.

Human capital

Employees are vital to a business. Training for new hires can boost the company’s performance. This promotes a positive work culture that values empowerment and equality. 

Training programs and team activities can improve workplace unity. Inclusivity, benefits, and pay raises can help with employee development and retention.

Equipment and supplies

It’s important to remember that starting a business costs a lot of money and requires a significant investment in things like equipment and instruments. However, if your company provides excellent service, it will get more customers and have a stronger brand name. 

The most essential tools that will be initially required are:

  1. Diagnostic tools, such as voltage testers, multimeters, and cable testers, to find issues with EV chargers.
  2. EV charger repair tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, crimping tools, soldering irons, and heat guns, are required.
  3. Replacement parts such as cables, connectors, charging ports, and circuit boards.
  4. When using electrical equipment, safety should always come first. As a result, you will require personal protective equipment, such as insulated boots, gloves, and safety goggles.
  5. A vehicle for transporting your tools and equipment to job sites is also necessary.

Making use of technology

Nowadays, everything is technologically advanced, so the best course of action is to incorporate these developments into the business model. This is where the Field Service Management Software will be relevant. You can now achieve economies of scale with FSM software through productivity and efficiency.

FSM software allows businesses to manage their field service operations, including:

  • Dispatching technicians
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Keeping track of progress
  • Managing customer data
  • Streamlining invoicing and billing
  • Enhancing customer service.

This service may be offered by many businesses. However, i4T Business is the only platform that seamlessly connects your business with property managers catering to EV owners and independent owners looking for installation and repair of EV chargers on their properties.

5. Setting up an effective marketing plan 

Now is the time to make a marketing plan based on who your target market is. As you know, fresh opportunities for promotion are constantly being made available. However, the EV Charge Point Maintenance business should focus on the following marketing strategies: 

  • Establishing a presence on social media and the website

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be utilized for marketing businesses. You can also set up a website to show off what you have to offer.

  • Google My Business

To get more people to see your business over time, try to be a top result on Google Maps when people look for companies in your area.

  • Reviews

You should include reviews because customer word-of-mouth can be a great way to attract new ones.

  • Take part in workshops and trade shows

This is where you can meet people and make personal links. Relevant trade shows and gatherings are great places to show off the services and meet people who might be interested in them.

  • Paid advertising

Paid advertising includes things like pay-per-click ads on sites like Facebook and Google. This is a common way to find new ideas. Nonetheless, it might cost more than necessary. So, make smart choices based on your financial strategy.

Driving Success in EV Maintenance Business

Once everything is set up with a clear plan and direction, the business can focus on growing and succeeding, given any problems or failures. 

Some ways of growing your EV charge point maintenance business include adding more services, broadening geographic scope, partnering with EV manufacturers, and offering competitive pricing.

To begin with, you can add more services to what you already do. For example, in addition to fixing and maintaining EV chargers, you could offer installation, updates, and counselling services. This could help bring in more customers as well as earn more money.

Second, by visiting more places, you can broaden your geographic scope. You might establish new facilities or partner with other businesses to promote your services to achieve this. 

Third, you may collaborate with companies that make EVs. For example, you could work with electric vehicle manufacturers to help their users with repairs and maintenance. This can bring in an ongoing supply of clients and raise the exposure and trustworthiness of your business. 

Lastly, you may set your pricing such that allows you to offer deals thereby setting your business apart from competitors.

Even though starting a new business from scratch might sound hard, you should do what you love. With the help of your loved ones, a well-thought-out business plan, and the i4T Business FSM platform, you can start a successful EV Charge Point Maintenance business. Success is yours to grab!


FSM software enhances scheduling, job tracking, inventory management, invoicing, and customer service in your EV charger installation and maintenance business.

You’ll need to register your business, get licences, and insurance, comply with industry standards, possibly get an electrical contractor licence, follow environmental regulations, adhere to building codes, and respect intellectual property rights.

Offer services like installation, repair, upgrades, diagnostics, maintenance, and emergency services. Pricing depends on service complexity, location, and expertise required, considering costs, profit margins, and customer demand.

FSM software uses automation, analytics, and intelligence to manage tasks associated with on-site operations, optimising staffing, training, and equipment management.

You can self-fund, partner with an EV service provider or charge point operator, or opt for a hybrid funding model. Financial management involves strategizing on infrastructure investment, cost-sharing, and revenue generation.

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