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Amp up Your EV Charger Installation & Maintenance Game!

Don’t let your clients experience downtime again! Introducing a
Field Service Management Software that helps you keep them powered and ready to hit the road, 24/7.


The Rocky Road to
EV Charger Installation and Maintenance

Navigating your way through the maze of complex EV installations and repairs is no easy drive! Are these snags blocking your way toward a smooth service delivery?


Restricted Billing Capacity

Delayed billing and cashflow issues resulting in administrative headaches when handling multiple EV installation and maintenance requests.

Unexpected Service Costs

Unexpected Service Costs

Inaccurate estimates causing uncertainty on price, loss of customer trust, and disputes upon job completion, eventually damaging business credibility and reputation.

Inaccurate Field Data

Inaccurate Field Data

Inconsistency in service delivery due to incorrect, missing, or unverified information from the field, leading to safety concerns and never-ending service calls.

Delayed Service Delivery

Delayed Service Delivery

The lack of specialised teams for various types of charger installations resulting in operational inefficiencies, mistakes, and repeated site visits.

Charging Forward with Confidence

Inject Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety into your Field Service Operations!
Empower your EV maintenance teams, delight your customers, and make your business future-ready with the i4T Business FSM solution.

Effortlessly manage any volume of transactions, no matter how expansive your EV charger installation and maintenance operations become.

Bring confidence into your pricing with a comprehensive service breakdown, by clearly defining rates for each item in your estimates and invoices.

Standardise processes and bring precision into service delivery with every piece of field data verified and approved from start to finish.

Handle each job with the exact expertise it requires, and assign seasoned supervisors to guarantee excellence, oversight, and faster turnaround.

Powerful Integrations with Leading Industry Platforms

Seamless integrations with popular accounting solutions, payment gateway, and messaging platforms, effortlessly synchronise financial data, fast-track transactions, and keep your teams and customers connected in real time.

Let i4T Business do the heavy lifting for you, while you focus on growing your EV charger installation and maintenance business!

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Our EV Charger Installation and Maintenance Solution Works!

Here’s what our clients have to say.

We see smart software solutions as the answer to “drive high volumes of complex work delivering a quality solution in a bespoke manner and keep it at a price point that’s acceptable for the consumer”

Paul Cook

BSA – Executive General Manager
Growth and Emerging Markets


i4T Business - Pro

14 day free trial (No credit card required)

Unlimited Users (Company admin/ Employees)

Unlimited Jobs Creation​

Unlimited Quotes Creation

Unlimited Invoice Creation

Project management and Team Jobs

Comprehensive Job Schedular with Diverse calender views

Customizable forms for inspections and task checklists

Maintain Service-based Price List

Integrated with Payment Gateway for Secure Payment Processing

Integrated with popular Accounting Applications (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks)

Customized Feature set for your Specific Needs

Web and Mobile app access

Online Video Training

1-on-1 Training and Onboarding

Email Support

Zoom Support

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