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field service app for electricians

7 Benefits of Field Service App for Electricians

Table of Contents

The workday of an electrician is never dull, and with the help of a field service app, managing hundreds of clients and working at different locations becomes much easier.

While the traditional modes of handling work for electricians are still viable, they are not as efficient, transparent, compliant and secure as a field service mobile app.

Modern technology is advancing to make everyone’s life much easier, thanks to a culture that is constantly changing. Today, IoT is becoming increasingly important in FSM and electrical businesses are no different. For instance, electrical field service business owners have the task of effectively managing, planning, scheduling, and organising. They can also efficiently use the available resources, including time, materials, equipment, and the budget allocated.

Electrical contractors are broadening their services through FSM software, which increases their market visibility and growth prospects.

By the end of 2030, the market will be valued at about USD 8.93 billion, according to Market Research Future (MRFR). The reports also forecast that during the assessment period, the market will expand at a robust CAGR of over 11.9%.

FSM software must be incorporated into your company’s operations if you are an electrician looking to grow your services. It’s one of the emerging electrical trends you shouldn’t miss out on. To further understand the correlation between your job role and artificial intelligence, we have compiled this article. Make sure to read this thoroughly to make a wise choice.

7 life-changing features of FSM software

1. Scheduling and Location tracking

Time is the most precious asset of an electrician. All the tasks of an electrician depend on the time management capabilities to handle client requests.

From scheduling client meetings to managing field visits, everything is possible via the FSM software.

With the right system in place, scheduling criteria help businesses organise and manage all their clients with ease. This feature also provides the ability to conduct successful business analysis and planning.

By using Mobile Field Service, you will also be shown the exact route to the client’s destination and the exact time. This helps you save time and effort while lowering transport costs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Moreover, as the field service mobile app can be downloaded, it allows electricians to clock in and out using their smartphones. This is why you can assign work to your technicians remotely, so they won’t have to travel to the office.

Remember that this feature will enable you to maintain and strengthen the relationship with your clients, technicians as well as sub contractors.

2. Inventory management and control

Project completion based on its scope, cost and time depends greatly on having suitable materials available when needed.

This is why it is essential to keep track of the components, materials, and tools used in the electrical industry. This ensures that you keep updated about information on stock to re-order when necessary. Fortunately, a field service mobile app has this feature.

Using telematics, you can easily and quickly get access to all the information you require with respect to an item in your inventory. You can even order stock based on how previous projects have used it.

Since the system also offers the option of GPS tracking, you can track down information relating to a product very quickly. Through this, your equipment will always remain maintained as well as safe and secured.

3. Centralisation of the database

From client history to the expected growth forecast for the next ten years, FSM software can automatically do it. This is because it has the ability to store all critical paperwork in one central location.

Hence, the benefit is that electricians can extract information from one centralised location and compile auto-generated reports. This not only makes the work more efficient, but it also improves the quality of work with very minimal errors.

One central location can store information like inventory management, customer service history, and other crucial information like pictures, addresses, and descriptions.

Due to this feature, electricians can access any information they need anytime, anywhere, without any bottleneck in the field.

4. Automatic invoice generation

Accounts, accounts, accounts. Even for highly qualified professionals, there is a slight chance of missing the deadline or entering a single digit. Why focus on the possibilities when there is a clearcut path towards successful accounting and management?

The field service mobile app has the capability to automate invoices to each client based on accurate information. This means very minimal errors and 100% productivity.

By utilising FSM software, field service technicians can quickly compile complex numbers and equations into a detailed report within minutes.

Moreover, such software will successfully locate goods that are covered by warranties, are on sale, or have unfulfilled commitments. Also, when a client is yet to pay back for the service rendered, the system can send out automatic reminders.

If you are looking for top 10 invoicing apps for electricians, this read will be useful.

5. Improve on-field communication

Your electrical business can’t progress without effective communication among the field force. A study found that more connected employees perform better than those who are less connected.

The FSM software enables team members to communicate at all times, access files, and respond to client requests instantly.

Due to real time communication with a FSM solution, it is also much easier to attend to emergency situations. The closest and most qualified technician can be found to handle the emergency thanks to the real-time monitoring service.

6. Higher turn-around time

Want to spend your happiest days as an electrician? This feature is one of the ways to get it. The FSM software has the possibility of automatically responding to client inquiries within seconds. In other words, you are not required to sit and respond to client requests and questions.

The software has been created specifically to optimise every stage of the service lifecycle. This means from the point at which the customer requests the service until the point at which the bill is issued. You will have a pool of suppliers and clients who are happy with your service at the end of the day.

If there are questions that the system is unable to answer automatically, that can also be sorted out. You can do it within the next few minutes because the field service mobile app is downloaded on your phone. Mobile access to anywhere at any time plays a significant role in business operations.

7. Accelerate business growth

All of the aforementioned advantages ultimately result in business expansion.

Regardless of how quickly the business is growing, a FSM software can handle every task efficiently, from quoting through processing payments.

We advise making an investment in field service management software if you want to hasten the growth of your company. The management of customers, resources, and income can be enhanced. You could integrate with i4T Business to accomplish this and streamline business operations.

Don’t forget that greater efficiency lowers operating costs, while greater productivity increases job bids and customer satisfaction. In the end, the software will assist in helping your company stay competitive and take the lead in the market.

Why use FSM software for your electrical contracting business

  • All information is stored online, which lowers operating costs.
  • Improved communication reduces time-consuming mistakes.
  • It increases the electricians’ chances of finishing a job by giving them crucial real-time information anytime, anywhere.
  • Instead of switching between applications and double-checking data. Both the technician and the dispatcher can utilise crucial time for finishing job orders.
  • By identifying and correcting frequent mistakes and deviations, drillable reporting gives teams and technicians an accurate understanding of their performance.
  • The smart job scheduling feature allows jobs to be assigned to technicians based on their expertise, location, and availability.
  • The likelihood of duplicate entries and errors is extremely low or nonexistent.
  • Every information can be stored and processed from one integrated platform.

The final takeaway

Over the next few years, there will be a significant increase in demand for FSM software. The market would expand due to the growing need to improve customer satisfaction. This can be done by providing quicker and better service responses and reducing downtime.

Today, the market is growing due to the demand for:

  • Effective ways to handle urgent problems
  • Remotely monitor and manage resources
  • Carrying out predictive maintenance
  • Keeping information safe and easily accessible

A field service mobile app is now considered an essential tool for electrical contractors.

Finally, we recommend you use i4T Business, a premier software with specialised features. It offers all you need to expand your company’s operations via a field service mobile app. To experience first hand, you can sign up here.

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