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field service mobile app

Field Service Mobile App: A Question Of ‘When’ Not ‘If’

Table of Contents

Modern times require modern solutions. Thus, the use of a field service mobile app for managers who wish to achieve tremendous success. Post COVID-19, people now realise how important it is to rely on technology to store all necessary information digitally.

The global market for field service management is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.1% and reach US$ 10.3 billion by 2032

The future is bright for field service management. The mammoth growth in the industry can be attributed to the fact that Field Service Management (FSM) is primarily used to manage field operations. These operations include work order management, dispatching, inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, and more.

Following are some leading causes of the projected growth rate:

  • The increasing need for mobility for real-time visibility, along with the expanding use of automation and digitisation in the industry.
  • The demand for IoT is driving the use of cloud-based FSM solutions.
  • The need to increase productivity, lower labour costs, and provide better customer service.
  • Increasing demand for affordable solutions.

Who can use a field service mobile app?

Engineering services companies, industries, subcontractors, and contractors can all use a field service mobile app. Marketing experts, particularly those who handle outdoor contracts should also strongly consider using FSM software.

Today, field service mobile app software is primarily used in many industries operating across the world. These include:

If you do not use FSM software, we are here to make your life easier with the best solution. By the end of the article, you will be fully convinced of why you should integrate technology into your business operations.

Top 10 reasons why you should be using a field service mobile app

Investing in technology is no longer considered a waste of money. Here are some of the benefits you can reap when using a field service mobile app.

1. Improved communication

Communication is the most essential tool in any business model, even more so when you have a team working in the field.

The inability to deliver the correct information to the right person at the correct time is one of the current challenges for field service technicians.

Therefore, using a field service mobile app eliminates all these problems. For instance, it allows you to update your team in real-time as soon as an incident occurs. You can do so by sending alerts during emergencies. This can reduce the response time for getting critical information to people.

You can schedule messages that you wish to send at a later time. You can also have an automatic message response. This will enable you to immediately respond to any of the stakeholders. Overall, FSM software has proven that communication is much more efficient and faster than any other tool of communication.

2. Higher turnover and customer satisfaction

In today’s world, satisfying customers seems near impossible due to their extreme demands at varying times of the day. To resolve this, FSM software on a compatible device, such as a smartphone, can definitely help achieve customer satisfaction.

Wondering how?

The software is specifically made to optimise all phases of the service lifecycle. From the point at which the customer requests the service up until the point at which the bill is issued. Hence, it has unique qualities, such as:

  • The software automatically allocates tasks to technicians who are available to work. Hence the time taken to visit the place and do the task is much faster and more efficient. As technicians are chosen based on their skill set, all problems will be solved during the first visit.

  • It reduces the waiting time for customers as responses and all other requirements are immediately sorted.

  • It also centralises all of your customer information and ensures that technicians can access it anytime. This makes work much quicker, and the standard of quality is always maintained.

3. Boost scheduling and routing optimisation

Who doesn’t love it if there is an automatic scheduling process to manage all your work? The field service mobile app has specially designed tools to smoothen out such tasks.

Job scheduling features of a field service management software help businesses organise and manage numerous jobs with ease.

Choosing a specific FSM software will have a significant positive impact on your company. Especially so, on the ability to conduct successful business analysis and planning. By using the software, you will be shown the exact route to the client’s destination and the exact time.

The use of an apology like “Sorry I’m late” or “Apologies for missing this meeting appointment”, is never a concern if you use FSM software. The FSM software plans and monitors the routes on your behalf. This helps you save time and effort while also lowering transport costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

4. Centralisation of all vital paperwork

When running a business, there are some frequently occurring challenges. Delays and overlaps in job scheduling, inaccurate data entry, dispatching problems, and high-prices are all common problems. However, will you believe that all these solutions can be quickly resolved when you have all the information in one place?

The software’s ability to extract information from all types of data, including dated documentation, is one of its main advantages. This can then be used to generate automated reports and drafts with a very low error rate for professional purposes.

Additionally, the centralised data also makes the employee’s life much more convenient. For example, the employee has all the information they need on their mobile phone to complete a task for their client. This includes website information, inventory management processing, the history of customer service, and other valuable data (photos, addresses, descriptions).

5. Boost invoice effectiveness

When sending invoices to clients, mistakes can still occur, even with a professional account. Or, even worse, you miss the deadline for sending, and the entire process of receiving money from the client is delayed.

It is not a surprise that capturing and analysing the piles of data manually drains one mentally and physically. This is why the field service mobile app is the best solution. It has the capability to automate invoices to each client based on accurate information.

Using a FSM software for information storing and sharing means minimal errors and 100% productivity.

By utilising FSM software, field service technicians can quickly compile all the information required. This includes:

  • Materials and tools
  • Update on work status
  • Client’s digital signature
  • Pictures of the completed project
The system can, therefore, efficiently calculate the prices and generate your company’s invoices automatically based on the provided data. Moreover, such software will successfully locate goods that are covered by warranties, are on sale, or have unfulfilled commitments.

6. Equipment tracking

Companies have assets, and these assets are costly. Hence, losing out on the equipment means losing out on one kidney. Some of the employees are on a freelance or part-time basis. It is sometimes riskier to lend them equipment to finish a client-serving task.

This is where the field service mobile app can have your back. The system is integrated with telematics technologies, giving businesses complete control over every piece of equipment’s location.

As a result, by implementing appropriate M2M and 4G technologies, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. Additionally, the system offers the option of GPS tracking. This makes it simple to find out any information relating to the theft or unauthorised use of a particular machine.

7. Taking control of emergency work

The FSM systems are often equipped to handle emergencies and find the nearest technician to complete the task. Thanks to the real-time monitoring service.

Now imagine how you would have handled this same situation without the software.

You would have had to call all employees, check what they are doing, and then allocate an employee. However, your competitor, having a field service mobile app, can locate the employee and complete the emergency task for the client.

By manually conducting the business, there is a possibility of losing clients in such situations. This is why opting for FSM software is the better solution. In the end, you, the employee, and the client are pleased and content with how you handled the emergency.

8. Minimising the Waste

One of the FSM system’s crucial duties is to address the waste management problem, which frequently arises in the organisation. It also includes the responsibility for managing waste from the point of generation to its ultimate disposal.

By highlighting the functionalities that are most crucial to your company, you can reduce waste by integrating the field service mobile app. On the bright side, it will also reduce the cost of unplanned expenses. As a result, it makes field workers’ operations more organised and efficient, which quickly improves the organisation’s business sense.

9. Reduction in operating costs

When work is centrally located on the cloud, the need for spending on storage space, printing, equipment purchases, filing, etc., is eliminated. In other words, you can save the entire unnecessary expense and put them toward worthwhile purchases for your business.

A workforce management tool also contributes to lowering travel costs.

The FSM software has well-defined routes, resulting in employees with fewer return trips to the head office. Therefore, as a result of intelligent scheduling, time and money spent on fuel and servicing your fleet are saved.

Moreover, did you forget that the field service mobile app has the ability to schedule appointments at any time, anywhere? Through this facility, your company can reduce the cost involved in administering this task in a traditional manner. For example, you do not have to have a physical space for customers to come and book an appointment. Neither do you need to pay for a third-party website that facilitates the online booking service.

Almost all operating costs can be significantly reduced by integrating a field service management software with your business processes.

Can you imagine that you will no longer need to hire a store manager to make sure your inventory is under control? Therefore, take a calculative decision on where you can minimise your costs and how it will potentially impact your company’s operations.

10. Accelerate the growth of the business

At the end of the day, all of the aforementioned advantages ultimately result in business expansion. Regardless of the company’s growth rate, the software is capable of handling all tasks efficiently with absolutely no significant setbacks.

If you want to speed up the expansion of your business, we suggest investing in a field service management software. This can help improve client, resource, and revenue management.

Talking about field service mobile app, integrating with i4T Business can simplify your workflows.

Do not forget that increased productivity and customer satisfaction help you win more job bids, while increased efficiency lowers operating costs. This will ultimately help your business remain competitive and become a market leader.

Over to you

The field service management system handles almost everything that improves your business’s strength. The development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has made the mobile industry very promising.

In the future, mobile field service apps will only become more powerful and versatile, further strengthening the case of their adoption.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows an increasing number of devices will go online. This will need to be managed by teams who will set them up and keep them updated. This will open up possibilities for even more advanced solutions for FSM technology in the future.

Once you invest in a field service solution, you can quickly begin to reap the rewards. These can be in the form of creating interactive customer relationships, lowering operational costs, and improving cash flow.

A FSM solution can differentiate your services from competitors and help you increase your client base.

The field service mobile app is now a necessary tool if you want to succeed in the fiercely competitive market. Which is why it is no longer an optional add-on.

You will come across multiple options to choose from. i4T Business is premier software, offering all you need to expand your company’s operations via a field service mobile app. Register today to try it for your own business! We hope you now understand the significance of including FSM software in your tool belt to help you succeed. All the very best for all your future endeavours!

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