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Table of Contents

Focus on business Lessons From a Billiards Player

Table of Contents

Are you as focused as a billiard player when it comes to your business? If you think this is another business tips article, then you might be mistaken, I’m here to emphasize how you can place your ‘’focus on business’’.

Focusing can be your key to a successful marketing strategy.

Still doubtful?

Let's start with a game of billiard…….

Have you ever played billiards? For those who are new to the game, let me give you a small brief. Billiard can be played in many different ways,  For most non-professional players, billiards and pool can be a term which is often interchangeable.

In the game of billiards, the players first focus on pocketing one of the red balls and thereafter aim to get a colored ball into a pocket. You get points for each ball, but the player gets more points for the colored balls.

Each player takes their turn pocketing the balls presented on the table until the very end. At the end of the game, the player or team with the highest scores wins.

Now, what does this have to with business? The answer is simple: It is all about focus!

Focus, Consistency, and Strategic- are the three most noticeable characteristics of a billiard player.

Do you focus on just one aspect of your business? Or are you everything to everyone?

When you are in the Field Service Business, you are highly acquainted with many Field Service Technicians (Tradies/ Tradespeople) and businesses in your area. You’ve seen many Tradie vans with stickers that mention everything they do. Each service is listed to grab the attention of passing customers, sometimes the list of what they do is larger than the name of the business. Ask yourself this question- is this good business? I would disagree and say No!

If you take this suggestion to any marketing agency, I would bet that the marketing consultant will in return give you a concerned look. It is super hard or nearly impossible to market everything to everyone, whereas, when you can be more narrowly focused on what you do, you have the opportunity to win the marketing war.

Let me give you two examples:

A Plumbing Business in Melbourne does all the plumbing and gas fitting work for anyone anywhere.

This is what they have to target if they want to market their business and services:

    The audience they need to reach will be 5.1 Million people 
  • The search words are high including plumbing or everything 
  • The competition will be high 
  • Your current reputation is just a plumber. 
  • The tools for the job will be high, you will need several tools. 
  • The skills required will be broad with experience, which is expensive to acquire. 
  • The travel distance between jobs will be longer or shorter, depending on the location it can take hours to reach the destination. 
  • The profit for the business will result to be low or moderate. 

Now compare this with a plumber who focuses on marketing a particular service 

A Plumbing Business that specialises in bathroom renovations in the southern inner suburbs of Melbourne centred around St Kilda

    • The audience they need to focus on will be around 500,000 people
    • The search words they need to use will be few such as bathroom renovations 


  • Your reputation will be designated as the bathroom specialist and will be worth the extra money
  • Tools required are focused on just what is required to do the one job type
  • The skills required are focused and easily trainable, and the overall cost will be cheaper
  • Travel distances are less than 30 minutes
  • Profit for the business will be high


The focus on business can change how your business is operating. So what would you do? Struggle to market your business with a lack of focus? Or focus on your speciality and earn massive profits? 

Before we can make a decision we ought to ask ourselves what do we focus on exactly? How do we decide which part of the business we must focus on? 

So what will you do?

To begin streamlining your focus on business, start by reviewing what you are currently doing in your business, what do you get the most praise for or what do you do better than the average business in your trade? By doing this, you will be able to understand what becomes your focus or what is commonly called your niche.

Niche- a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

When I provide advice to my clients or fellow business owners, I often use the 80/20 rule for this process – I get clients to look at what work generates them 80% of their revenue – often it is only a few things – if I were to give a personal example: in my fire business majority of my income is from apartment buildings managed by body corporate managers – so we focus on our niche on providing services to this group of customers.
80 - 20 rule - i4T Global
In a previous video, we spoke about choosing your avatar, your ideal customer. Now, review this against your niche, does it need to change?

So now, you have an ideal customer avatar and a niche of work that you do. You are focused on what to do in your business, and when you take that to a marketing agency/advertising agency or SEO agency and see the response, they will be excited to work for you… and generate the results that you expect. 

But while you focus on your niche and customer there is something in the back of your mind that will constantly bother you- that is the question- what about the other work or services that you can be providing?

I have an answer for you!

If you are thinking about the other things, then sure you can still do any other work that your trades do but don’t make it your focus. Over time, like Google, you might expand into other areas but keep your marketing and delivery focused on your niche and customer avatar. This way you will be able to build your business with a solid foundation!

By the end of this article, I hope you got the key for your business! However, as many Field Service business owners dive deep into the industry with their services, they often find themselves losing focus due to the overwhelming management process.

When your business is flowing with inquiries you will require to upgrade your systems, a platform like i4T Business is an ideal solution for Field Service Technicians and business owners to take care of the management process while focusing on marketing the business to their niche customers!

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