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Free Trade Day 2018 – Tradie legends changing lives, making Australia proud!

Table of Contents

With over 85 trades businesses volunteering and 220 households nominated, 29 Aug, 2018 is going to be a day to remember!

“The business of kindness” initiative taken by Ryan Wilson from Terrigal Electrical Services last year has now turned into a national movement as more tradies across the country volunteer to join hands to lift the community on Free Trade Day 2018.

What could be more beautiful than helping someone who cannot help you back?

So we interviewed some of these legends who are willing to put others before themselves and dedicate one full day to change someone’s life!

Here’s a sneak peek into their motivations for the day and show you what gem of a person these individuals are!

1. Karen Norkett - Central Coast Floormaster Kincumber

karen norkett central coast floormaster kincumber

As a single mum raising three kids with no family support, Karen knows what it’s like to be in need.

“I opened my own business 18 years ago and worked so hard to get out of that rut,” Karen recalls. “Now running two businesses I feel I’m fortunate to be in a position to help somebody, make a difference in someone’s life with no expectation of anything other than making someone happy.”

Becoming a part of the Free Trade Day for the first time, Karen and her team would be helping a lady on pension, struggling to get her home in good living condition by getting her laminate flooring replaced by a water-proof hybrid floor.

2. Michael Zygnerski - Zigz Plumbing Solutions

2. Michael Zygnerski - Zigz Plumbing Solutions

Michael Zygnerski from Zigz Plumbing Solutions is a Free Trade Day veteran volunteering his services for a second time around and is encouraging more tradies to get involved.

“The more helping hands the more people we can all help together. It will be your most fulfilling day of the year,” Michael says.

Providing up to 12 hours of free labour on 29th Aug, Michael thinks that plumbing is a field where you never know exactly what to expect, so there might be some challenges on the day. Nonetheless, his team is ready to help families struggling with plumbing issues and is looking forward to support those in need in any way possible.

“In my daily work I see family’s and people struggling and wish I could help more. So what can be a better way than to offer my services along with all the other trades and businesses helping out,” Michael adds. “A big shout out to Ryan from Terrigal Electrical for coming up with such a fantastic initiative.”

3. Christopher Reed - Reed Carpentry and Maintenance

Accidently stumbling upon a Facebook post that popped up in his news feed, Chris found out about the Free Trade Day just a few weeks back and decided to expand the initiative to Southern Australia.

“I have always loved supporting the community and giving back. At the end of the day it’s the community that supports your business to get up and running,” Chris says. “I was given the opportunity to run the SA event and feel honoured to do so.”

Chris’s is so motivated that he is willing to provide as many hours of free labour as required even if that means working for a second day to get the job done.

“We understand that some jobs can take more than one day, plus there are challenges whenever you are going on a blind job. Giving up one or two days wages means nothing to us if it is to help someone in need.”

4. Trent Giddings – PestGuard – Termite & Pest Control

Trent from PestGuard will be providing 8 hours of free labour on the big day and thinks that a majority of people will help someone less fortunate than themselves if they are able to.

“This year, as a business, we were lucky enough to be in a position to dedicate some time to help out. The local community supports us so it’s good to give something back,” says Trent.

For Trent the biggest challenge he’s anticipating on the day will be to actually witness people living in such heart-wrenching conditions. The work itself, will be as on any other day.

“I’m envisioning that we may have to treat a home or homes to eradicate disease carrying pests e.g. cockroaches, rodents etc. Treatments that some people just can’t afford,” Trent adds.

Trent is encouraging fellow mates to get involved saying that the more people that participate the greater the result will be.

5. Emiliano Garcia – Blue Coast Painting

Emiliano Garcia – Blue Coast Painting

The Central Coast tradie knows exactly how it feels when nothing is going your way, not being able to afford the basics necessities of life and how hard times can get.

“I believe everyone in those situations need a little push and help to be able to move forward and see some light again,” says Emiliano, who is fortunately now in a position to give back.

Emiliano, who is looking forward to the Free Trade Day says that his team is ready for whatever job comes up on the day as they can help with everything when it comes to painting.

Grateful for the opportunity, the painter recommends everyone to jump on board and help some of the people going through tough times.

“We are all lucky enough to know a trade and a little bit of our time can change someone’s life for good.

6. Luke Arnold – Fresh Water Excavations

6. Luke Arnold – Fresh Water Excavations

Luke and Lauren, run a small yet very successful family business in Northern beaches, but it hasn’t been such a pretty picture always.

“We understand what it is like to have hit hard times. Sometimes giving people that little helping hand might be just enough to get them out of a rough patch,” says Luke.

With years of hard work and perseverance, the couple is now in a position to lift up the less fortunate members around them.

The legends are happily donating 2 days (16 hours) of earthmoving work, including machine, truck hire and labor.

While Luke and Lauren are proud to see so many businesses step up for such a worthy cause, they are calling others and not just tradies to extend support for the initiative.

“We feel like if you can help you should, whether it be with skills, time, money or whatever you have the world will be a better place for it!”

7. Mark Hill – H&L Roofing


Running a Roofing business in Northern Beaches for over 15 years, Mark and wife, Heidi are looking forward to the exciting and fulfilling day this year.

The duo like to take challenges head on, but think that the best jobs to nominate should be the ones that can be completed in a day.

“I suspect a lot of the jobs we will get will be guttering and downpipes. These are great jobs to nominate as they are relatively easy for the tradesmen so we will be able to help a few people on the day. Even though they are relatively easy, it’s a part of house maintenance that shouldn’t be missed as the damage that can be caused from neglect can be huge,” says Mark.

Mark believes that as a community everyone should come together and help where they can. If other tradies can only spare a couple of hours or a half day, it all counts.

“Heidi and I feel we live a very blessed and fortunate life and understand that there are others doing it tough (we see it every day) so it’s important.”

8. Anthony Legge – Hire a Hubby Lisarow

8. Anthony Legge – Hire a Hubby Lisarow

Like Michael, Anthony is also joining the Free Trade Day for a second time and will be donating 16 hours of labour with a staff of two, to this highly worthy cause. Yet time management will remain to be the biggest challenge as his team will attempt to get as much done in a day as possible.

Last year, the chippe was involved in building ramps for a wheel-chair bound man who had great difficulty getting around. “It’s an awesome feeling to see him so much more independent now,” says Anthony.

Anthony wants other tradies to think of it as a win-win situation. “It’s only 1 day! You will feel good and someone will get help they need.”

Wrapping it Up

As these awesome legends continue to make Australia proud, we request others to join hands to make this event even bigger and more life changing than it already is.

Doing free work for a few hours in a year might mean nothing to many people, but it can mean the world to someone in need. Never think twice before helping someone, you might be the only hope.

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