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From Own Boss to Aspiring TAFE Instructor, Meet Seasoned Brickie Chad Beasley

Table of Contents

45 year old brickie Chad Beasley left school at 16 with no qualifications and decided to enroll in a building and construction course at his local tech school in the UK to study bricklaying and carpentry & joinery.

While he qualified in both, it was bricklaying that grabbed him the most and soon he was on site killing it.

“I found that being out on site allowed me to gradually build up my knowledge, speed and confidence, which in turn, earned me more money as I proved myself. This resulted in me eventually having gained enough experience to go self-employed on a price rate,” explains Chad.

It was then that Chad and his wife Deb decided to move to Australia, and start a business along with a partner. 6 years later, Chad started his own business by the name of Beasley’s Block and Bricklaying and has not looked back.

What Keeps Chad Motivated

Actually it’s a bit of everything and that just goes on to prove that the little things in life matter the most.

“I enjoy doing my job and having a rapport with the blokes I work with. At the end of the day I’m doing it for my children and my wife. This keeps me working hard.”


Chad’s biggest challenge at work

“The hardest challenge is getting paid by the builder. I have to put things in black and white as it seems your word is not enough. They try to trip you up for a few dollars!”

Nonetheless, at one time the brickie managed to pay 8 men every week without fail, even when the builders’ invoice was still outstanding, which is nothing short of an achievement.

Brickie’s Proudest Moment!

For Chad the best day at work is when the client stands back and appreciates the hard work done. Makes it all worthwhile. “Being my own boss, working outdoors, building houses that look great and being able to tell my kids “I did that”, are some of the things I love about my job.”

Life Away from Work

When Chad’s not working he likes to spend his weekends with his children, taking them to wherever they want. The Brickie also likes going to races when it’s on a Friday night.

What’s next?

Having spent three decades in the industry, the veteran feels the need to transfer his knowledge and skills he has learned over the years to young aspiring bricklayers.

“I see myself in them. In 5 or 10 years’ time, they could go off on their travels around the world, with the bag of tools they see in front of them and be confident that they have the knowledge and skills to earn a living in any country they want and live their dream, just like I did,” says Chad.

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