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HOA Maintenance in 2024: Strata Management Solutions in AU

Table of Contents

In Australia, the management of residential communities is often governed by Homeowners Associations providing HOA Maintenance and Strata Schemes offering Strata Management Solutions. As you make your Strata Management Resolutions for the New Year, your strategy will play a crucial role in ensuring harmonious living, maintaining property values, and overseeing the communal aspects of residential living.

HOAs are more common in planned neighborhoods where people share facilities like parks or clubhouses. They focus on maintaining these shared areas, making sure community rules are followed, and handling shared services.

Strata Management is usually found in buildings with multiple homes, like apartments or townhouses. Here, the management isn’t just about keeping shared spaces in good shape; it’s also about handling the legal side of things, like the ownership and rights of these shared spaces.

As we move towards 2024, the way HOAs and Strata are managed in Australia is changing for several reasons. New technologies are being rolled out for communication, upkeep automation, and smart building management. The laws around property management are constantly evolving. There is a push towards more eco-friendly practices, people are more concerned about the cost of living, and community expectations are changing due to demographic shifts. 

Let’s first take a deeper look at what the HOA and Strata landscape looks like moving into 2024. Then we will explore the kind of New Year strategies needed to tackle the challenges brought forward by these dynamics. 

2024 Legal and Regulatory Updates for HOA Maintenance

As we step into 2024, several new laws and regulations have come into effect, significantly impacting the operation and management of Homeowners Associations (HOA) and Strata Schemes in Australia. These changes reflect the evolving landscape of property management, aiming to enhance transparency, accountability, and sustainability in these communities.

To meet the new 2024 rules, groups that manage Homeowners Associations (HOA) and Strata need to do several important things:

Strong Financial Management and Reporting: They must have good systems for managing and reporting their money matters. This means keeping detailed records of all financial transactions and sharing this information with the people living in the community.

Regular Financial Check-ups: They need to regularly check their finances. This involves having an external party (like an auditor) review their financial records to ensure everything is in order. They should also share these financial reports with the community members.

Meeting Safety and Environmental Standards: They must make sure that the buildings they manage are safe and environmentally friendly. This includes following new rules about building safety, like fire safety standards and making sure the buildings are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Getting Residents Involved: They should make it easier for people living in the community to have a say in decisions. This means organizing meetings so that more people can participate and making voting on community matters simpler and more accessible.

Eco-friendly Practices: They need to adopt practices that are good for the environment. This could involve things like better waste management, saving water, and using less energy.

Solving Conflicts Effectively: They should use the new ways set up for solving disagreements within the community. These new methods are designed to help resolve issues more fairly and quickly.

By doing these things, HOA and Strata management groups will be following the new laws and making their communities better places to live.

9 Emerging Trends in HOA Maintenance and Strata Management

The landscape of Homeowners Associations (HOA) and Strata Management is continually evolving, shaped by technological innovations, changing resident expectations, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. Here’s a look at the key trends emerging in 2024:

Smart Tech in Communities: HOAs and Strata are using more smart technology. This includes gadgets and systems that help manage energy use, security, and upkeep tasks automatically.

Online Communication Tools: Digital platforms for talking between management and residents are now common. These tools make it easy to send updates, vote on community issues online and have meetings over the Internet.

Automated Management: Using software to handle day-to-day tasks like finances and keeping records is becoming popular. This makes things more efficient and reduces mistakes.

Using Data for Better Decisions: Analyzing data helps in making smart choices about maintaining properties, planning budgets, and improving the community.

More Transparency: People living in these communities now want to know more about how things are run. This includes clear info on how money is spent, what maintenance work is planned, and any new rules.

More Involvement in the Community: Residents are looking to be more involved in community events and decisions. They want activities, workshops, and a say in how things are done.

Diverse Residents: The mix of people living in HOAs and Strata is changing. There are more young homeowners and a growing number of older residents, each with different needs and wants.

Building Eco-Friendly Communities: HOAs and Strata are working on creating places that are good for the planet. This means using local plants for landscaping, starting community gardens, and encouraging ways to travel that don’t harm the environment.

Preparing for Climate Change: Getting ready for extreme weather is now important. This involves investing in strong infrastructure and having plans for emergencies.

AU HOA Maintenance and Strata Management Solutions in 2024

In 2024, managing Homeowners Associations (HOA) and Strata involves new ways of doing things to keep up with the times. These strategies focus on using technology better, improving how we talk to and involve residents, being clear about money matters, keeping properties well-maintained, and making sure we’re following the rules. Let’s dive into these strategies:

Supporting Digital Transformation

Nowadays, using advanced software is a big deal in managing HOAs and Strata. This software makes handling everything from money to talking to residents much smoother and less likely to make mistakes. Also, bringing in smart tech like devices that control energy use and improve security is making life in these communities better and safer. Plus, using online tools for things like meetings and storing important documents is making it easier for more people to get involved and stay informed, even if they can’t be there in person.

Improving Communication and Engagement with Residents

Talking to residents and getting them involved is important. By using white-labeled resident portals, such as i4Tradies, managers can reach out to residents quickly and effectively. Holding regular meetings, either online or face-to-face, lets residents have their say and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in their community. Organizing different events and activities is also a great way to unite people and make everyone feel part of the community.

Increasing Financial Transparency

Being open about how money is managed is key to building trust. Clear and honest reporting on finances lets residents know how their fees are being used. Making these financial records easy to access, maybe through a website or an app, helps everyone understand the community’s financial health. Also, involving residents in making budget decisions helps ensure that the community’s spending matches what residents think is important.

Smarter Maintenance and Upkeep of Properties

Keeping properties in good shape in smarter ways is a big focus. Setting up regular maintenance plans helps fix small issues before they turn into big problems. Using software to keep track of maintenance tasks makes sure everything gets done on time. And, adopting eco-friendly ways to maintain properties shows a commitment to looking after the environment.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Following the latest rules and regulations is super important. Staying up-to-date with legal changes helps avoid problems and keeps the community running smoothly. Regular checks to make sure everything is in line with the law are essential. Providing ongoing training for board members and managers about these rules and best practices helps keep everyone informed and the community well-managed.

Wrapping up

As we move into 2024, managing Homeowners Associations (HOA) and Strata is all about keeping up with new trends and making sure communities are well-run and happy places to live.

This means using the latest technology, making sure everyone in the community is heard and involved, being clear about how money is spent, taking good care of properties, and following all the rules.
As you list down your New Year’s resolutions, a big part of achieving your goals can be done through using the right tools. 

One such HOA Maintenance tool is i4T Maintenance, a Maintenance Management Platform that makes it easier to keep track of and handle maintenance tasks. It’s great for keeping work orders organized, staying on top of your compliance game, and communicating with the residents. Plus, you can track progress and collect resident feedback, making sure quality standards are being met. 

If you want to learn more about how i4T Maintenance can make a difference with your HOA Maintenance and Strata Management needs, feel free to Book a Demo today and we would be more than happy to show you around. It helps keep everything running smoothly, which means happier communities and less stress for everyone involved.


The main strategies include using new technology, better communication with residents, being clear about money matters, keeping properties in good shape, and following all the rules.

Technology, like i4T Maintenance software, makes it easier to handle maintenance tasks, improves communication with residents, and helps everything run more smoothly.

Being clear about money helps build trust. It lets residents know how their charges are being used and lets them have a say in budget decisions.

Good communication means residents are well-informed and can be part of decisions in the community, which makes them happier and more involved.

i4T Maintenance helps organize and keep track of fixing and maintaining things, making sure work orders are completed on time and helping to explain maintenance costs.

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