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everyday heroes of Australia

Honouring Technicians – The Everyday Heroes of Australia

Table of Contents

Melbourne Sparky Saves Truckie’s life

1. Melbourne Sparky Saves Truckie’s life
Image Source: The Courier

Brandon Phan, a Melbourne based electrician is soon to be nominated for the bravery award.

Driving home with his girlfriend around 2:00 am, Brandon heard a “massive bang” as a semi-trailer went straight into a metal road barrier.

“I saw the fuel coming out and so jumped over … pulled him out of the truck and just moved him away from the truck as much as I could – just in case it did blow up,” Brandon said.

In less than a minute, the semi-trailer burst into flames.

Phan who saved the truckie’s life by putting his own at risk, was happy the driver didn’t get any serious injuries and was able to go back to his family.

Brisbane Tradie chases down accused burglar on the run

2. Brisbane Tradie chases down accused burglar on the run
Image Source: Courier Mail

Brisbane tradie, Rhys Brown had to flex a muscle or two before he and his mate chased and pinned down an accused burglar until the police arrived.

The man was over-speeding in what officers alleged was a stolen vehicle.

As he eventually crashed and tried to flee, he ran inside a construction site, where he was tackled by two tradies.

“I was just at the set of lights, saw the crash, and then all of a sudden, other mate has taken off. It is just the natural thing to do to chase after someone runs off after a crash,’ said Brown while speaking to the Today show.

Brown went to the job site and saw the man trying to climb up a wall. “I grabbed his leg, pulled him down and then put him in a restraint. So yeah, it was good fun for a day.”

Brown’s chase helped police arrest the man who is charged with motoring offense, burglary and fraud.

Queensland electrician rescues drowning driver

3. Queensland electrician rescues drowning driver
Image source:

Sam Greenwood, risked his life, not once but twice to rescue the driver stuck in floodwaters in far north Queensland.

The young sparky dived into water and swam to the SUV to save a man in his late 60’s. Unfortunately he couldn’t get to the driver the first time, so he had to swim back to his four-wheel drive, get an axe and swam back to the drowning man.

“Long story short. I swam out to the car and found old man trapped inside had to smash through a window to drag him out,” Sam told Courier mail. “I still don’t know how he was still inside. If that vehicle wasn’t floating, he would have been well and truly gone, poor fella.”

Greenwood’s heroic act was liked by thousands on Facebook, with comments praising his bravery and quick thinking.

Carpenter duo design wild workwear to turn attention to men’s mental health

4. Carpenter duo design wild workwear to turn attention to men’s mental health
Image Source:

Brisbane Carpenters Ed Ross and Dan Allenhave started Trade Mutt project under which they design flashy shirts with wild designs, to encourage Australian men open up about their mental health.

The move comes after Allen lost a close mate to suicide few years back.

“It opened up my eyes to just how bad it is in Australia,” Allen told ABC Radio Brisbane. “When you’re wearing the shirts you take on a responsibility to both talk and listen, so you’re quite approachable.

The warm welcome Ed and Dan have received by the community just proves that they are onto something good and sooner or later, they will see the change happening.

A percentage of the money raised through the sale of the shirts will go towards men’s mental health campaign called: “This Is A Conversation Starter”.

Each shirt comes with a leaflet that explains to its wearer how to begin this difficult conversation with a mate.

VIC Tradies saved a house from going up in flames

5. VIC Tradies saved a house from going up in flames
Image Source:

Quick action of two local builders from Crafted by Coops, Brenton Cooper and Lachie Bedendo saved a house from turning to ashes, as they put out the fire using esky and a garden hose. By the time the fire fighters arrived, they had already done the job!

The tradies were working on a house extension, when they smelled something burning and thought it was coming from the industrial site. A few hours later, black smoke started coming from a property on a nearby street.

The duo headed straight to the house to help.

“I just grabbed the neatest thing that could hold some water. I looked around, there was an Esky. I filled it out with water from the pool,” Lachie told Prime 7 News.

The property owners were extremely grateful to the tradies. “Not having a home to come back to could have been very traumatic and devastating,” the owner said.

Wrapping it Up

It’s the small things that matter the most. The real heroes go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others, like this bunch of awesome blokes. Australia is proud of you!

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