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Land More Real Estate Work

How Field Service Suppliers Can Differentiate Themselves to Land More Real Estate Work

Table of Contents

Transparency in Communication Is the Holy Grail of Every Maintenance Job

Not staying on top of their repairs and maintenance requests and having no efficient process to check when they start and finish is one of the biggest problems Authorized Service Agents face.

Most of the work is still done in calendars/diaries for a week when a work order is received followed by separate emails to property occupants and service providers and later on calls to confirm the same.

Jobs get sidelined if providers cannot get hold of property occupants until followed up again. This process usually eats up a lot of time and is hard to keep up.

As a field supplier, if you are using a Field Service Management app like i4T Business that connects property occupants, service agents and service suppliers, keeping track of work orders and individual progress of each job becomes as simple as a few notifications on your mobile. Agents are notified when their service provider receives a job, arrives at the property, puts the job on hold for a reason and finally finishes it.

Trust Comes Before Anything Else

No agent will take you on if you lack the necessary licences and insurance for the work being carried out on their properties. Sending in a service supplier for a repair and maintenance job, agents need to be 100% sure that the property occupants are trusting them with, is in safe hands whether they are home or away.

For Authorized Service Agents, trying to find a supplier online on apps like i4Tradies, being able to readily access your licence, public liability insurance and certificates like police clearance and working with children, will just make the decision to hire you simpler and faster.

Solving Disputes Is Not Possible Without Compliance Reports

Authorized Service Agents often find themselves in hot waters over maintenance disputes between property occupants and the service providers.

There could be a job the occupant claims still needs to be attended when the supplier says it’s already been taken care of. For an agent, having the right facts and records can be a life-saver in such a situation.

As a Field Service Supplier, this could be your opportunity to land your first contract with a Real-estate or Strata company, by offering them a detailed record of every completed job along with time-stamped before and after images that could be kept as proof in case a dispute is raised by the property occupant.
These audit reports offer the highest level of transparency and can also be used in tribunals to solve conflicts regarding property maintenance.

Keeping Customers Happy Can Go a Long Way

A great deal of new contracts won by service agents are based on how well they are managing their existing properties. This means customer satisfaction plays a big role. The same is true for service suppliers landing their contracts with Real Estates. Taking communication a step further, i4T Business is more than just a Field Service Management platform for business owners. It also facilitates customer experience management. Every time a service provider completes a Real-estate work order, the property occupant can rate and review the job, notifying the service company as well as the agency how well or poorly the job was performed. This gives the Real Estate company you are dealing with the opportunity to track customer satisfaction in real-time, making it a differentiator not many providers will offer. These ratings and reviews will empower Authorized Service Agents to mitigate issues in real-time and further improve the service.

Wrapping up

So if you don’t want to see any more quiet days, when your staff is sitting idle and you are still paying the overheads without actually making money, use this time to think about what you can do differently to get on the permanent field supplier list of a big real estate company. Getting started with i4T Business is just the beginning for so much that is in store for you.

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