FSM Summit 2023 - Key Takeaways & Insights
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How to scale your electrical field service business

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The electrical field service industry is experiencing a period of significant transformation, driven by evolving consumer demands, rising competition, and rapid technological advancements.

Industry Evolution and Competition

Consumer expectations, competition, and technology have changed the electrical field service sector.

Technology as a Growth Catalyst

Most electrical contractors feel that automation and modern data processing technologies may help them grow.

Relationship Building

The industry is shifting from one-time service delivery to continuing client connections.

Preventive Maintenance and Resource Optimization

Good service now prevents problems. To provide a great client experience, organisations must optimise people, inventory, time, and money.

Empowerment Through Technology

Technology empowers sales, operations, and marketing. i4T corporate can increase processes, real-time visibility, customer communication, integration with other applications, and performance measurement, leading to corporate development.
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