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From Australia to a New Lucrative International Market, i4T Global is Expanding its Reach - i4T Global

From Australia to a New Lucrative International Market, i4T Global is Expanding its Reach.

Table of Contents

i4T Global’s FSM Product Echosystem Version 3.0 is now available with its Rebranded Product Suite, GDPR Compliance, and a variety of comprehensive features. 

While all the Field Service Management businesses are addressing individual touch-points, i4T Global connects the dots between multi-stakeholders to deliver customer experience, value, and information that truly matters to everyone.

Field Service Management Re-Imagined with Passion, People, and Process.

Here’s a list of new features from the upgraded i4T Global FSM Product Echosystem v3.0:

Rebranded i4T Global Product Suite

The rebranded product suite of i4T Maintenance, i4T Business & i4Tradies allows users to choose the best solution that fits the type and size of the organisation and aligns with their business objectives. Visit the links below for more information.
Field Service Management Re-imagined - i4T Global

Product Specific Login Pages

The revamped login structure allows the users to directly access all i4T Global Product Verticals with a single click. Each login page is highly versatile and configurable based on factors such as Location, Country Code, Currency, Tax Structures, and a variety of other Personalised Experiences.

Advanced Billing Module

With the revised billing module, users can easily find their billing information, subscription plans, payment methods, and stripe API integration for the preferred product.

GDPR Compliance

i4T Global uses website cookies to provide their users with a personalised web browsing experience, and optimal performance and to deliver relevant information specific to them by collecting data about the online behaviour and activities of their website users. For more information visit

Localised i4T Global Website

The  i4T Global product suite is now localised with factors such as Location, Timezone, Country Code, Currency, Tax Structure, Map and Navigation, Phone Number Format, and a variety of other personalised experiences for the USA, UK, and Australian audiences.

Message from the Founder, and CEO of i4T Global

Logan Nathan, the Founder, and CEO of i4T Global says that they have taken this opportunity to evolve their brand in order to better communicate the breadth of expertise that i4T Global truly represents, and to realign with their Vision and Value Proposition.
Logan Nathan CEO - i4T Global

Message from the CoFounder, COO & CPO of i4T Global

Sachi Wickramage, COFounder, COO & CPO of i4T Global, says that the launch of i4T Global version 3.0 marks a significant milestone in their journey, providing an opportunity to revitalise the aspects that the i4T Global brand stood for and everything that they aspire to become as they move towards the international market.

About i4T Global

i4T Global is a disruptive FSM Software suite with product verticals that seamlessly manage multi-stakeholders by providing efficient, transparent, safe, and compliant service delivery.

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