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Table of Contents

Increasing the Efficiency and ROI of the Field Service Workforce

Table of Contents

In the Field Service Management Market, 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of uncertainty as well as a lot of innovation, and they accelerated the adoption of Digital Transformation and Remote Working

Looking for positive aspects, we can definitely say that these two years have boosted our productivity ROI , and FSM organizations are now transforming at a much faster rate than before.

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With board expectations trying to transform the Field Service Function into a revenue-generating department, it’s never been more important to ensure the field workforce is able to complete tasks on time while also providing better customer experiences.

With so many moving parts in the industry, 2022 will be the year Field Service Leaders can accelerate the road to continuous advancements, increased efficiencies, and cost reductions while generating profit

Workforce challenges are not new or unique to Field Service Management. They have an impact on every industry and business. However, labor shortages in the Field Service Industry can have a knock-on effect on customers’ businesses. Adopting new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality, can ease workforce challenges.

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Field Service Management relies on the Field Service Workforce. With a rising talent shortage in Field Service, you can’t afford to lose Field Technicians to competitors or other industries. Nonetheless, according to the recent Field Service Engineer Survey, 33% of Field Technicians say their jobs are unsatisfying. And 60% are not committed to staying in the field for the rest of their careers.

Field Service Engineer survey - i4T Global

Challenges Faced By Field Service Workforce

Fields Service Technicians more often complain about the amount of paperwork required to complete each job. This includes a various harmful list of work orders, customer quotes, part requisitions, timesheets, and inspection checklists. According to the recent Service Council Survey, 29% of field technicians said that looking for information was one of the most time-consuming parts of their day.

When your on-field employees spend more time on pointless administrative tasks rather than resolving issues and attending service calls, your company’s bottom line will ultimately be affected.  Manual methods quite often waste valuable time for your business, when that time could have been used to assist a customer or schedule a visit.

A few missed visits and deadlines can cost your company thousands of dollars. Investing in FSM software to automate repetitive manual tasks will not only result in happier employees but will also pay dividends to your ROI in the long run.

How Can A FSM Software Benefit the Field Service Workforce?

Workforce Optimization

Managing and scheduling a large deskless workforce can be time-consuming and complicated. When you add in a last-minute emergency job, it can be downright stressful. A solution that bridges the communication gap between the office and the field has a multiplier effect on a company. Overtime costs are reduced and efficiency is increased when there is no need to reschedule or call in additional staff.

Every time you save a service phone call, it not only saves that 30-second call, but it also saves you the 20 minutes it takes to re-focus on what you have to do next

Accurate, real-time scheduling enables you to plan an efficient workday, reduce last-minute changes, estimate job completion time, and replace or add technicians to a job without disrupting operations. It’s really that simple.

Reduction of Overhead Cost

When compared to manual scheduling, automated scheduling can significantly reduce overhead. Field service management tools can streamline a deskless worker’s day, allowing them to complete more revenue-generating tasks. Optimized travel routes, detailed customer information, and logic-driven scheduling all contribute to increased productivity.

Another area where Field Service Management Software can help is with inventory management. With the click of a button, you can view in-stock inventories and reorder parts. This saves the company money on shipping, avoids rush orders, and keeps the technician from arriving on the job without the necessary parts.

Faster, More Accurate Invoicing

Your deskless workers can use Field Service Management Software to take notes in the CRM, generate invoices, and capture signatures on-site. There is no need for the technician to return to the office or submit paperwork once the job is completed.

With Field Service Management Software, many businesses see their billing cycle reduced by 30 days or more. This translates into more consistent and better cash flow for the company. When Area Wide Protective implemented a field service solution that connected data about services delivered directly to the back office team via CRM, they saw 64% faster invoicing and a 41% reduction in invoice corrections.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Area wide protective FSM integration facts - i4T Global

Employee satisfaction leads to up to a 13% increase in productivity, which increases company profitability. Furthermore, happy employees are more likely to result in satisfied customers. How do you keep field service workers happy? With an easy-to-use Field Service Management Software!

A Field Service Management Software provides accurate schedules to deskless workers quickly—even in real-time. It saves time on the phone with the office for customer information and locations, allowing technicians to finish the job and move on to the next one more quickly.

Process improvement is another benefit of Field Service Management Software for employee productivity. Field Technicians can use checklists to ensure they complete every step, enter job notes directly into the CRM, collect customer signatures and payments, video chat with senior technicians, and perform a variety of other tasks that would otherwise require manual paperwork. Field Service Management Software makes processes more streamlined and efficient for everyone.

Improved Customer Service

Customers may experience distress from service interruptions and equipment malfunctions. When the mobile worker arrives on time and with the appropriate tools, the customer experience is off to a good start.

A Field Service Management Software allows technicians to access customer and job history, allowing them to diagnose and fix problems more quickly. As a result, your company gains the customer’s trust and credibility. FSM tool users report better customer outcomes and higher first-time fix rates.

When processes are efficient and employees are satisfied with the job, the end result is a job well done, a satisfied customer, and most likely, a company recommendation for the future.

Effective Inventory Management

For smaller operations, keeping inventory on spreadsheets is usually manageable. Inventory management, on the other hand, becomes more complicated as you scale.

Field Service Management Software like i4T Global provides tools that improve the visibility of your entire inventory. i4T Global keeps track of how much each item is used in order to make planning and ordering easier.

Track Your Performance Metrics

Field Service Management Software allows you to track your company’s performance and determine what works and what doesn’t. i4T Global, for example, provides an analytics dashboard to easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, quote-to-job-sold conversion rates, and the total number of jobs completed.

Connect Field Technicians Using a Mobile App

Another common challenge is not knowing what’s going on with your Field Technicians while they’re on the job.
I4T Maintenance Web and mobile dashboard - i4t Global

A Field Service Management Software, such as i4T Global includes a mobile app that provides your technicians with everything they need while on the job. This keeps your team organized and increases the level of professionalism you show to customers.

Field Technicians can use a mobile app to view their schedules, communicate with customers, create quotes, and accept payments.

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The Industry Game Changer: i4T Global Field Service Management Software

i4T Global FSM Software combines cutting-edge Field Service Management Software (from scheduling and dispatching to customer and job management) with a one-of-a-kind inventory management and replenishment solution. i4T Global FSM Software is a game-changer that enables service companies in all industries, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, to effectively stock trucks and warehouses with the inventory they require to operate efficiently and profitably.

The days of running out of material at a customer location are over with i4T Global Service contractors gaining real-time visibility into their inventory usage, allowing them to reduce shrinkage, eliminate technician hoarding, effectively stock vehicles, and bill customers accurately for material usage.

Your customers expect personalized, connected service from the first call to the final sign-off. To do so, you’ll need an excellent end-to-end solution that boosts business efficiency while ensuring quick response times and real-time communication.

From managing work orders, parts, and assets to contracts, warranty, invoicing, and billing, i4T Global provides a comprehensive, connected field service management software solution that enables you to provide exceptional service to every customer, every time.

i4T Global understands service, which means we understand that no two companies perform field service in the same way. Our solution platform is simple to configure and offers cloud and on-premise deployment options, allowing us to map even the most complex service use cases.

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Wrapping Up

Are you having difficulty identifying new technologies that can help you reduce your operational costs? What about off-site training and monitoring of field technicians? Or maybe you’re on a journey to combine Ongoing Board Expectations with Tactical On-Field Execution?

The good news is that you can find all of these solutions, as well as others.

We’re excited to inform you that our i4T Global will be there at the 13th Annual Field Service Management Conference, which will take place from March 9 to 10, 2022, at Dockside Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia! We take pride in being one of the major sponsors of the event.

At this year’s event, we will provide you with the Strategies and Best Practices you need to Deliver an Effective Field Service Culture to Increase Field Service Workforce Efficiency and ROI While Improving Your Business Processes Through Real-Time Data-Driven solutions.

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