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Is IoT a Solution to Address Pain Points in Field Service Management?

Table of Contents

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to have a major impact on our personal as well as professional lives. Today, organizations are leveraging the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) in many ways, including efficiency, safety, monitoring of remote and difficult-to-access equipment, and the ability to be more competitive, responsive to customers, and ensure processes are in regulatory compliance.

What is IoT solutions and why is it so important?

IoT technology is making the world around us smarter and more responsive, merging the physical and digital landscape.

With more than 7$ Billion IoT devices connected today, experts estimate that the number of IoT devices will increase to 22$ Billion by 2025.

Almost any physical object can be transformed into an IoT device if it can be controlled or communicate information through the internet. IoT has emerged as one of the most important technologies of the twenty-first century. Now that we can connect everyday objects to the internet via devices, such as electronic appliances, thermostats, and other gadgets, there is streamlined communication between people, processes, and things.
IOT - i4t Global
Physical things can share and collect data with minimal human intervention thanks to Cloud Computing, Big Data, Analytics, and Mobile Technologies.

In this Hyper-Connected World, Digital Systems can Record, Monitor, and Adjust each interaction between connected things. The Physical World meets the Digital World, and they Collaborate.

Identifying and Solving the Pain Points in FSM

Businesses always keep talking about addressing pain points. A pain point is a specific issue that prospective customers or your business is facing. Customer pain points are diverse and varied. However, not all prospects will be aware of the pain point they are currently facing, and therefore businesses must effectively help their prospects understand they have a problem and persuade them on how their product or service will help to solve it. All these need to be done at the right time in the right place.

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Field Service with IoT solutions: Solving the Pain Points

Usually, a Field Service Company consists of three major roles: Field Service Agent, Service Supplier, and other employees. All of these roles’ automation revolves primarily around their responsiveness. What makes all the difference is how quickly they respond to customer calls and complete service schedules.

Some Service Agents spend a lot of time answering calls and traveling, while some others assign work orders to Service Suppliers and ensure that these work orders are completed on time. There are several challenges that a regular field service company must overcome in order to perform their jobs efficiently.

How IoT Simplifies Field Service Management while Addressing the Customer Pain Points.

Work Order Management has always been a challenge for field service management companies. Usually, pain points include the need to log Tenant’s job requests, schedule appointments, assign Field Suppliers, and ensure work is completed on time. These tasks require a significant amount of effort and time on part of the service team and have historically been considered cost centers. However, thanks to IoT applications, an effective solution is now available.

Addressing customer pain points - i4T Global
IoT is used in a variety of industries, including field service, where its transformative impact is expected to cause significant positive disruption.

IoT will drive more proactive device maintenance, service, and repair with the help of supporting technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Effective Work Order Management

oT allows the field service company to better match the urgency of the service requirement and schedule appointments. It not only saves the time required for time-consuming scheduling tasks but also improves the process’s accuracy helping with things like predictive maintenance.
Effective work order management - i4T Global

Scheduling is automated by a well-integrated IoT system. Intelligent algorithms collect data from IoT sensors, match it to the profile of the most qualified field service technician to make the fix, and schedule a service at the earliest or best opportunity.

All you need is internet connectivity and mobile devices in order to run your IoT platform effectively.

All of this could potentially happen without any human intervention, allowing businesses to focus their workforce on core revenue-generating tasks. Timely reminders and notifications to the stakeholders and users of such activities, allows them to maintain control or make any necessary changes.

Automation and Real-Time Communication

AI sensors installed on machines emit a wealth of vital information about the state of the machinery or installation. The alerts and information provide stakeholders with timely notifications and allow them to take proactive action.

For example, IoT could detect when a component is about to fail, when a deviation from the norm occurs, or when fuel is running low. Such timely cues collected from smart objects, delivered as a push notification to the responsible person’s smartphone, enable proactive radiation.

Automation and Realtime communication - i4T Global

Such informed scheduling ensures that field service repairs and maintenance are completed on time, rather than based on regular speculations. The businesses that own the machinery can save money that would otherwise be spent on inefficient services. The field service company can deploy its workforce to where it is most needed, improving both customer satisfaction and the workforce’s job.

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Increased Workforce Efficiency

Cloud-based FSM software solutions, in provide Service Agents and Technicians with the collaboration and management tools they need to streamline workflows and consistently provide quality service to customers. For example, technicians in the field and their managers can use an instant messaging tool to share resources and diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve customer issues in real-time.

Adopting cloud-based work order management solutions (a component of FMS software) is an efficient way to improve workforce management capabilities; the central dashboard interface allows managers to assign work orders, track technician progress, and provide relevant forms and details for specific jobs in real-time.

Work order management solutions in the cloud, with online and offline functionality, provide managers with the tools they need to efficiently organize their workforce in practical everyday scenarios.

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IoT devices make field service management easier within individual departments as well as across the entire enterprise structure. These devices are typically scheduled and controlled automatically.

Reduced downtime periods and proper maintenance of manufacturing devices may result in a higher production rate, resulting in higher profits.

Some businesses may find occupancy sensors useful for collecting real-time data on space utilization. These sensors can improve energy efficiency when connected to a temperature or lighting system.

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Collective Data and Insights

Data from technicians, assets, equipment, customers, supply chain and logistics generate massive amounts of information for field service companies. If data isn’t actively used to improve operations, it becomes a symbolic mound of untapped potential.

Collective data and insights - i4T Global

If you’re still using paper-based methods or separate systems to store your data, you’re probably overwhelmed by the volume. Purchasing a field service management system provides you with access to analytical reporting tools that centralize and interpret data for you.

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Other ways in which IoT in FSM can work includes:

  • Asset and Inventory Management
  • Proactive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Work Environment
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increases Profitability and ROI
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring 
  • Powerful GPS Tracking

i4T Global Field Service Management Software

i4T Global FSM Software is frequently commended for product innovation, customer success, and unique market expertise. Since its inception, i4T Global has achieved numerous industry firsts, particularly in the areas of mobility, IoT Connected Field Service, and asset-centricity. 

i4T Global Product Suite is comprised of industry experts with decades of field service experience, whose job is to assist customers in improving their processes and achieving a high ROI from their FSM investments. i4T Global has some of the industry’s highest retention rates, with customers expanding to new regions after acknowledging the value of the solution.

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