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Next Generation FSM Software Released to Australian Market

Table of Contents

Warm welcome by progressive Trades Services Providers

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 6, 2017 – (Press Release) — i4T Global, as a revolutionary Field Service Management SaaS (software as a Service) solution for Field Services Providers, i4T Business has received a warm welcome by service suppliers across Australia seeking to transform the traditional way to running their business.

Founded by Digital Transformation influencer, Logan Nathan, based in Melbourne, i4T Global aims to fill the present void in the industry that made it impossible for Field Services business owners, their employees, Authorized Service Agents and Property Occupants to get in touch and stay on the same page with respect to work progress.

“i4T Global offers an end-to-end approach for customers and businesses alike,” explains Logan.

“From a customer point of view, they can download the i4Tradies app on their smartphones and find a verified local supplier based on his/her credentials. From a business perspective, i4T Business offers a holistic Field Service Management solution, covering everything from receiving and responding to job requests, allocating jobs to employees based on skills level and job proximity, electronically invoicing customers, receiving payments and generating new leads through referrals,” Logan added. For Authorized Service Agents, i4T Maintenance efficiently helps them assign work to Field Service Suppliers for requests received from Property Occupants.

When it comes to adopting technology, Field Service Suppliers in Australia seem to be on the back foot. Lack of technical expertise and absence of motivation to challenge the status quo have long remained a hurdle in the way to improve internal business processes and build stronger relationships with their customers.

However, more recently, Aussie providers are realizing the need to live up to their customers’ expectations, which means not just delivering the actual service right but to refine every single customer touchpoint from start to finish.

PAD Plumbing

Paul from PAD Plumbing, a leading Plumbing services provider in Melbourne, has been using the beta version of i4T Business long before its official launch and believes that the FSM software has been helping his team unleash profits like never before.

“We have already moved our entire customer database to i4T Business. The transition has been smooth and straightforward,” says Paul,

owner of PAD Plumbing. “With our employees being able to stay connected to the main office and having access to property occupants’ data while on the go, has significantly improved our response rate as well as on–field efficiency,” Paul adds.

While i4T Business does not remain unrivaled in the Australian Field Services industry, it aims to differentiate its service by providing a holistic approach considering all potential stakeholders who may benefit from this next generation FSM software.

Complete transparency, unparalleled user experience and extraordinary customer support remain its strongest assets to date.

Currently, i4T Global’s founding team is inviting investors to come forward and help finance a possible addition of more sophisticated features into the software while i4T Global expands its reach beyond Australia, to countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

About i4T Global

i4T Global connects Field Service Suppliers, Authorized Service Agents and Property Occupants with a single cloud-integrated Field Service Management software, accessible anywhere, anytime to help today’s tech-savvy consumers develop a stronger bond with the businesses they deal with and add more efficiency in the field.

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