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Table of Contents


Next-Level Service Management: Explore i4T Business Pro’s Latest Upgrades

Table of Contents

Staying on top of your Field Service Management jobs ensures timely completion and customer satisfaction. 

From delays caused by technicians not having the right parts and supplies to forgetting about an upcoming appointment and no access to job files, running your own business is never an easy feat. 

Our latest round of i4T Business Pro feature releases addresses these challenges, to ensure that your business stays ahead of the game by injecting great efficiencies into your workflows. 

So let’s dive right in.

Overview of i4T Business

Before learning our latest updates, let’s take a brief overview of our software. i4T Business is an iconic product of i4T Global. It’s software with modern features to improve the efficiency of field service businesses. 

i4T Business offers three different field service management (FSM) packages to support clients of various scales. These include i4T Business Lite, Standard and Pro. i4T Business Pro is for businesses that provide multiple services and handle many subcontractors.

i4T Business helps businesses plan, track, and manage service operations more effectively.

This will ultimately help to satisfy your customers by improving your efficiency. Do you want to learn more about the latest upgrades of i4T Business Pro? Then, the next section is for you.

1. Basic inventory management

Most business managers or owners neglect the importance of inventory management. However, it is crucial if you want to be successful in the modern service industry. So, what is inventory management?

It’s about making sure that the necessary materials are available at the right time and in the right place. This new feature will help businesses to have better control over their inventory and improve the efficiency of their operations.

What’s new in inventory management of i4T Business Pro

Accurate part requirement estimations

This feature helps you to determine and plan the requirements of specific parts and supplies needed for service jobs. It is intended to help you create job estimates with precision, once you know what materials are required for the job. This will also ensure that you always have the right amount of inventory on hand.

This can save your customers from surprises down the road.

Detailed product lists

Now you can create a detailed product list that contains all the items, parts, and supplies that a business uses in its operations. It provides a common and clear reference for all inventory items. Therefore you can easily identify the stocks you have and what you may need.

This list will typically include details like product names, descriptions, part numbers, and other relevant details.

Service rates

Service rates refer to the standard prices for various services that your business offers. If you have service rates readily available you can also calculate your service costs when making quotations.

This feature helps you to estimate the cost accurately, make bills, and improve financial management.

Warehouse details

This feature is about storing information about the physical location of each item within the storage facility or warehouse. It provides a clear database of where the item is, making it easier to locate them when needed.

This feature minimizes the time spent searching for items and waiting time. Therefore, it helps to increase your efficiency.

2. Efficient reminders for proactive management

You may face various challenges in service management when dealing with appointments and deadlines. These challenges can be human errors in manual processes and delays in time-sensitive matters. That’s why you should have an efficient reminder system.

It can automate routine tasks like sending reminders and notifications to the technicians and management. This will help to minimize errors, improve your efficiency, and satisfy your clients.

What's new in configurable reminders in i4T Business Pro

Manage workflow stages

Now, you can send tailored alerts and reminders at various stages of workflow. Currently, these stages include reminders about jobs that are about to start or end. We plan to refine it further to include scheduling, dispatch, task assignment,  inventory management, and other reminders. 

Therefore, you can link managers and technicians in these stages. This will help to improve the efficiency of service delivery.

Actions for managers

Now, managers can set up reminders and notifications for themselves. They can receive reminders about important decisions, monitor performance, and allocate resources. This will help to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Actions for employees

With i4T Business Pro, you can now include field technicians and employees in different stages of the workflow through automatic reminders. You can send alerts for tasks and appointments so that they are well-prepared and on time for their assignments.

3. Optimizing collaboration with job file sharing

Job file sharing is about securely exchanging and storing various documents related to a specific job. These files may include reports, documents, images, videos, schematics, and any other information that is relevant to the job at hand.

Efficient job file sharing will improve the security of the documents and engagement between stakeholders. That’s why i4T Business Pro has improved the job file-sharing function with the latest updates.

What's new in job file sharing in i4T Business Pro

Bulk download and email job files

This feature allows users to download multiple job-related files in one go. Further, it helps to simplify and improve the process of accessing and sharing critical documents. These documents can be service reports, inspection forms, or project plans.

Users can also email job files directly from within the software to relevant stakeholders, improving communication and document sharing.

Seamless collaboration between stakeholders

The software creates an environment where all stakeholders, including managers, field technicians, and customers, can access and exchange job-related files. This can include the schedule of rates or activity logs, that help improve transparency and facilitate effective communication among all involved parties.

Centralized file storage

There should be a central file storage to store all job-related documents safely in one location. That’s why our software has the features to simplify and organize files in a central location. This makes it easy for users to find, access, and update documents when needed.

4. Harnessing data with job summary reports

You should have data and summary reports of various jobs in your business to make wise decisions. That’s where job summary reports come in. It allows businesses to generate and access detailed summaries of various aspects of their field service operations.

Job summary reports offer a wealth of information related to field service operations. This can include timesheets, distance logs, work order history, service completion status, customer feedback, and more.

While this is crucial for decision-making, it also helps to fulfill audit compliances, control costs, and improve transparency and communication. That’s why we have updated i4T Business Pro with new features to get job summary reports more easily and efficiently.

What's new in job summary reports in i4T Business Pro

One-click view, download, and export

This new feature enables you to access job details with a single click. It simplifies the process of viewing, downloading, or exporting various reports and summaries related to field service activities.

This will help to minimize the time spent on handling these reports. Therefore, you can analyze them more easily and share them among the related parties more efficiently.


We have included timesheets so that you can track the hours worked by field technicians on specific jobs or projects. These include details such as clock-in and clock-out times, breaks, and overtime. It helps to track labor costs and manage payroll.

Distance logs

We believe that distance logs can help you as well. This feature tracks the distances traveled by field technicians to reach job locations. This information can be vital for optimizing routes, managing fuel costs, and ensuring efficient service delivery.


As you already know, field service management can be a difficult task. You have to consider various aspects and handle various functions efficiently to be successful in the industry.

However, you can simply do this with field service management software. That’s where i4T Business comes in. We have different solutions to meet the needs of businesses on various scales. If you are a large business with many sub-contractors and offer more than one service, i4T Business Pro is your assistant.

We have updated the software with modern features to help you manage your business more efficiently. If you want to experience these modern features, contact our team to get a free trial today. We can help you take your business to the next level with field service management features that are designed to simplify and fast-track your workflows.  


i4T Business Pro’s reminder system prevents you from missing appointments. Further, it improves time management, improves communication, reduces errors, and helps you to adapt to changes quickly. It promotes proactive management for more efficient service delivery.

Currently, i4T Business Pro offers reminders as a stand-alone service to be used within the platform. Users who are logged in to their systems can get the alerts on their devices. 

Our software helps you locate items in the warehouse, estimate parts requirements, and create detailed product lists to improve resource utilization.

i4T Business Pro provides tools for generating reports related to service operations, financials, customer data, and inventory. These reports help to make better decisions to improve operations and profits.

Yes, you can customize reports to suit specific business requirements. This brings the right data in front of the right audience.

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