Sydney’s Expert Property Management Company, LeaseTeam Creates Strategic Partnership With i4T Maintenance

LeaseTeam, an expert property management company servicing greater Sydney has partnered with i4T Maintenance taking their property maintenance service for property occupants to the next level of excellence with better process efficiency, transparency, security and compliance.

Ashley Johnson, CEO and founder of LeaseTeam believes a key strategy to continuing the company’s high growth is to provide proactive maintenance that will ensure property occupants’ happiness and in turn minimize vacancy periods. 

“Our innovative investor centric business model calls for a modern style, value added property maintenance service and we believe i4T Maintenance can help us deliver just that,” says Johnson. 

“We realize that befriending technology is the only way forward to deliver higher efficiencies and better customer experiences to property occupants who have trusted us to get the most of their properties. Working with i4T Maintenance lets us tap into the vast pool of qualified Field Service Suppliers and resolve issues faster.” 

Founder and CEO of i4T Maintenance, Logan Nathan has worked with a number of short-term and long-term property management groups and one thing that he finds common is how i4T Maintenance has truly changed the process of handling property maintenance jobs from start to finish. 

“Responding to property occupants’ requests in a timely manner, being able to quickly get quotes from licenced and insured Field Service companies, tracking progress of maintenance jobs in real time and being able to resolve conflicts faster with everything recorded and saved automatically as proof of job, are some of the things that will revolutionize the property management business in the days to come,” says Logan.

About LeaseTeam

LeaseTeam Property Management offers a truly unique business model based upon improving the complete life cycle of property management. Their value proposition to landlords is to offer a complete service that ensures optimised yield on investment. LeaseTeam backs this up by applying more value to 8 key areas of property management that help ensure best outcomes for landlords’ property goals.

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