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Compliance Management

Workflow Management

Estimations & Invoice Management

Payment Handling

Powerful Integrations

Scheduling and Dispatching


Project Management

Standard Inventory Management

User Management & Security

Subcontractor Management

Business Profile Management

Publicly display your company portfolio.

Establish clear and concise Policies.

Stay compliant with Industry Standards & Govt Regulations.

Provide your clients with a structured and accessible Menu of Services.

User Management & Security

Increase security with 2FA, and Mobile App Biometric Authentication.

Boost platform security with extra authentication layers.

Enable seamless collaboration by adding Multiple Users.

Control User Permissions and Access Levels.

Franchisee Assignment

Multi-site service control.

Compliance Management

Meet essential legal requirements with Mandatory Checks.

Manage industry standards and requirements.

List Compliance Status for trust and transparency.

Adapt to evolving standards with New Categories.

Handle Regional-specific Compliance seamlessly.

Tailor compliance to your industry's unique needs.

Workforce Management

Save time by Bulk Importing and Exporting employee details.

Stay updated on employee Work Status and Availability.

Maintain a structured and organized workforce.

Streamline Leave Management for efficiency.

Control employee availability for Scheduling and After-hours.

Ensure Account Security by managing and Resetting Passwords as needed.

Customer Management

Simplify customer Database Management with Bulk Import and Export.

Monitor customer Status and Engagement in real-time.

Provide flexible Billing Options for customer satisfaction.

Prioritize VIP customers with Special Tags.

Personalize customer Alerts, enhancing communication and customer service.

Streamline Contact Management within a single profile for efficiency.

Company Notification Management

Customizable Multi-channel Notifications.

Manage notifications to the company Workforce, Tenants, and Company Admins.

Workflow Alerts.

SMS Logs.

Activity Dashboard

Recent Activities and Key Actions feed.

Weekly Job Statistics.

Monthly payment Revenue Summary.

Geo Location

Optimize Service Allocation and Marketing with geographical insights.

Geo Locations of employees/workforce.

Customizable Invoice & Quotation Templates.

Match your brand identity.

Customize the layout to deliver a rich billing experience to your clients.

Job Creation

Specify Tenant Site Contacts for improved communication.

Attach Job-related Files for easy access.

Verify Customer Locations for efficient service requests.

Schedule Recurring Jobs for regular tasks.

Initiate New Job Assignments seamlessly.

Organize jobs by Type and Categories for clear identification.

Efficient Scheduling

Manage the company Holiday Calendar for an effective job allocation.

Allocate jobs to employees efficiently.

Plan tentative jobs for swift allocation.

Track and manage On-hold jobs efficiently.

Schedule jobs based on employee availability.

Streamline scheduling from the job page for a Centralized View.

Efficient Allocation of Tasks

Job Actions.

Individual Assignment.

Team Management.

Enhance Quoting and Estimation Processes

Enterprise Quote Request Handling.

Quotes with Supporting Documents.

Quote submission with Inspection Reports.

Quote Status Check and Follow-up.

Admin-led Quoting.

Multiple Subcontractor Quote requests.

Project Management

Initiate and organize Multiple Projects.

Break down complex projects into manageable components.

Keep all your Project-related Files in one place.

GPS Routing

Keep customers updated with Live Tracking.

Optimize Routes powered by Google.

Track field employees in real time.

Configurable Job Forms

Create and maintain a library of standardized Job Form Templates.

Customize form fields to match your specific requirements.

Define mandatory fields for critical information.

Ensure mandatory Form Submission for complete data collection.

Enable administrators to Review and Approve Forms for accuracy and compliance.

Facilitate Form Rejection with Notes for resubmission.

Support efficient Data Correction and Validation through Resubmission.

Customizable Schedule of Rates

Customizable Rates by Job.

Maintain a list of Service-based Price Estimates.

Customizable Service Rates by Unit.

Part Requirements

Catalog and Track Parts for every job type.

Streamline Part Requests to field technicians.

Seamlessly download Part Requirement Records.

Workflow Reminder Management

Set up Customized Reminders.

Select Users to whom reminders need to be sent.

Workflow Management

Customizable workflow Configurations to suit specific needs.

Notify customers when employees are en route and have arrived.

Facilitate On-site Quote Review and Customer Approval.

Enhance documentation with Image Annotations for precision.

Record job completion with image proof for Documentation and Verification.

Provide clear Dispatch Notes to employees for job execution.

Implement Mandatory Job Acceptance for task commitment.

Empower administrators to approve On-site Quotes.

Easily Resume or Reallocate jobs based on resource availability.

Stay on top with Instant Alerts from the field.

Track job progress.

Subcontractor Management

Maintain and manage Subcontractors efficiently.

Streamline Multiple Quotation requests.

Assign tailored job forms.

Efficient Job Scheduling.

Seamless Assignment of Jobs to External Subcontractors.

Task assignment in Team Jobs.

Real-time Progress Monitoring.

Confidentiality with Hidden Quotation Values.

Comprehensive Invoice Management

Attach comprehensive Job Details for transparency.

Include Payment Instructions and Terms for clarity.

Track Drafted and Submitted invoices efficiently.

Mark invoices as Paid for accurate payment status records.

Empower field employees to Generate Invoices and accept On-site Payments.

Allow admin Adjustments and Resubmission for accuracy.

Provide Admin Control over invoice management.

Payment Handling

Automated alerts for Cash Receipts.

In-app Credit Card processing.

Instant payment collection.

Employee-led payment processing.

Service Reviews & Ratings

Two-way Ratings.

Customer Ratings by Employees.

Service Ratings by Customers.


Comprehensive Job Reporting.

Automated Timesheets and Distance Logs.

Custom Forms and Checklists.

Downloadable and Shareable Job-specific Files.

Comprehensive Invoice Reports.

Leads Generation & Management

Leads via SMS.

Leads via the Website.

Portfolio-driven SEO boost.

Nearby Work Opportunity Invites from businesses.

Powerful Integrations

Secure payment processing powered by Stripe.

SMS Gateway Integrations.

MYOB, QuickBooks & XERO for Organizational Accounting.

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

24/7 Priority Support

Send support requests via the Feedback Form.

Chat, Phone & Email support.

Extended Zoom support.

Platform Privacy & Security

ISO 270001.


SOC 2 (Coming soon).

*all prices are inclusive of tax.


i4T Business offers 3 pricing plans: Lite, Standard, and Pro, each tailored to meet the budget and scale of operations of its respective users. Each plan includes a complimentary 7-day trial. After that, the pricing (inclusive of tax) will be as follows:
  • i4T Business Lite: $49.50/month
  • i4T Business Standard: $99.00/month
For custom pricing on the i4T Business Pro plan, please visit our Get A Quote page for more information and personalised assistance.
i4T Business is free to set up. We offer a free onboarding session where users are given a walkthrough of the entire platform. We also provide a wealth of articles, training videos, and video tutorials that are free for you to access at any time. We offer 24/7 priority support, free of cost.
We want you to start experiencing the full benefits of the platforms as early in your transition journey as possible. Hence we offer a 7-day Free Trial, with no credit card required. You will only be asked to enter your credit card details after your trial period has ended.
i4T Business offers the flexibility to change or upgrade your pricing plan, as the requirements of your business change or you decide to scale your operations. You can request cancellation of your existing plan at any time, or ask for an upgrade.
For further questions or inquiries about our packages and pricing, feel free to get in touch with our support team at Support@i4TGlobal.com.
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