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Table of Contents

Advantages of having a Property Management Website

Table of Contents

We are living in an impatient world. Thanks to mobile technology and social media, customers want everything ‘Right Now’!

If your website holds them up for more than 5 seconds, you just lost a potential lead! No website? You don’t even stand a chance!

Do you think you are willing to pass them onto your competitors just because you were not ready to adapt to their needs?

This can soon turn you into a dinosaur – outdated, irrelevant and eventually an extinct species.

If you are running a residential or commercial property maintenance business, you might already know that reaching out to your clients via the traditional means will not suffice.

You need to explore other avenues where property occupants and property owners might be looking for your services. You need to be creative in the ways to connect to them and facilitate them with their needs. 

A property maintenance website is one of the most vital tools to power up your marketing efforts and offer services that are just not an option with offline marketing.

Benefits of a professional property maintenance for property managers

A well crafted website can put a rocket under your sales. It will not just boost your property maintenance business’ online presence but will also directly help your bottomline.

Consolidates your entire online marketing strategy

Online marketing has several elements and multiple layers to it. With so many pieces of the puzzle, it all boils down to conversion happening at your website level.

You can think of your website as your virtual office. It’s where clients can come anytime to get in touch with you. With tech-savvy users looking up on Google for businesses similar to yours, getting an optimised web presence is no longer an option. It’s a must-have.

Provide key property information

Property occupants come to your website looking for attractive properties. Landlords do so to get their properties occupied.

This means that your website is supposed to be the hub of key property information that can be easily found and accessed anytime.

You can use your website to highlight key amenities, neighbourhood details  and features of your property. 

It’s also a good idea to add your tenant handbook to your website, listing the most requested details.

Helps your business become organised and efficient

A great property maintenance website should seamlessly integrate with your property maintenance software to get more work done everyday. You can add tools to fast track work orders requests, schedules and calendars, and client’s portal for better communication.

Fosters a sense of community

With remote working and virtual access of all information, today the need to develop a sense of community is greater than ever.

When building your new website, make sure you are choosing a template that allows for easy integration with property occupants experience apps. The idea is to connect with your website users, landlords, tenants or maintenance service suppliers in the most humane way possible. i4T Maintenance lets you do just that!

Helps you adapt to new changes quickly

The property market landscape is constantly evolving. Your website should be fluid enough to cater to the changing needs of your clients. It should also be customisable to fit well with your changing business goals.

Allows you to gather valuable information

Your website serves as a great tool to collect invaluable data on website traffic, sources, behaviours, interests and pain points of customers.

The insights provided by such data can help you improvise on your marketing strategies and business offerings to cater to the exact needs of your clients.

Cookies are your best friends but make sure you take permission from your site users before gathering their information.

Cuts down administrative burden

While your office operates between certain hours, your website is available 24/7/365. This literally makes you available whenever your clients need you. Without a website, it’s you and your clients, 1 on 1. Do you think you have the time for that? 

A good website:

  • Answers your clients most frequently asked questions
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Builds up interest
  • Cuts down time spent on marketing
  • Provides all the information on your properties

Things to consider when designing your property maintenance website

As mobile technology becomes more pervasive, having a website is becoming even more important. Yet there is no one size fits all. There are few things you need to take into consideration when getting your property maintenance website ready.

Design keeping your audience in mind

Make your website not only easy to use and navigate around but also provide the information you believe your clients would be looking for. Survey your clients, understand their needs and come up with a property maintenance website design and content strategy that helps them achieve their goal when visiting your website.

Highlight your differentiator

What makes your properties better than competitors’ offerings? What value added services can you bring to the table? If you think listing a property with the title, ‘Apartment for Rent’ is going to work; think again. 

Content is king and it will remain so till the end of times! What will change, however, is the nature of that content.

Allow your clients to take virtual tours of your property. Add videos and photos, mention amenities and key features. Explain why the neighbourhood is so great.

Make your website scalable

Just like the property market evolves, your customers’ needs and your business goals might change as well. 

Being current with the technology allows you to make changes to your website to allow occupants fill out applications, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests online. By integrating your property maintenance website with a complementing property maintenance management software such as i4T Maintenance, you can help your tech-savvy clients achieve just that!


Crucial elements of a property maintenance business website must have


For your website to rank higher on search engines, having a blog on your property maintenance website is a must. Blogs are not meant to be advertising platforms. Rather they should be information sources that allow tenants and owners to learn more about a certain topic of their interest. They should also be able to demonstrate how your business can be of value to them.

Rental analysis tool

This is a vital tool to assist landlords get an estimate of how much rent they would be able to charge for their property compared to the on-going market trends. 

For this tool to work effectively, you need to ask for the owner’s property address, description and contact information. Using website automation, you will send the analysis report they have requested to their email address. This could be a potential lead generation tool for your business. So, don’t forget to follow up with them using a direct call to answer their questions and try to turn them into a paying client.

About page

A brief background about your business, and an introduction to the executives and owners goes here. 

This is also the right place to showcase your expertise and experience, mention awards and testimonials to demonstrate social proof.

Services page

Someone wanting to hire your property maintenance services needs to know exactly what you have to offer. You need to outline the kind of properties you handle such as:
  1. Commercial Properties: Hotels, retail, factories, retirement homes.
  2. Residential Properties: Apartments/ condominiums
It’s also worth mentioning what services are included such as:
  1. Rent collection
  2. Filling vacancies
  3. Managing contractors for maintenance

Contact Information

It’s a good idea to add a quick-to-fill contact form asking prospective clients for their address, contact details and phone number so you can take their query forward via personally contacting them.

Add email addresses and contact details of different executives who may be responsible for certain aspects of your property maintenance business. This helps in resolving issues faster without having it to pass through multiple individuals.

FAQs for tenants and owners

Like many other businesses, surely you don’t have the luxury to stay on the call answering questions for your clients. FAQs allow your tenants and property owners to quickly find answers to the most pressing yet common questions. This gives you time to answer the more specific ones via email or call, from serious buyers.

Social media links

Your website is incomplete without social media links. They will not only help you drive traffic to your website but will also keep visitors connected to your business through multiple channels. Social media links are a great way to rank your website better.

Location pages

Location pages are not only great for SEO purposes but they also provide detailed information to individuals looking for property in a certain area. This includes information about amenities, neighbourhood, lifestyle and comparable properties.

Additional elements

Some of the other elements your property maintenance management site must have include:
  • Site map: This helps site users find their way through the website. 
  • Privacy policy and terms of use: Always mention how the information you collect from site visitors will be used and what are their responsibilities when navigating through the website. 
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are there to quickly answer questions that may not have been covered in the FAQ section. 
Special offers: Consider adding a pop up or a dedicated page for a special offer you have. This can depend on how extensive the offer is.

Wrapping up

Your property maintenance website is your window to the world. It’s your online identity and it determines how your clients perceive you.

The ideal property maintenance management website is designed to

  • Build and grow your business
  • Be mobile friendly and search engine optimised
  • Engineered to convert leads
  • Integrated with a property maintenance management system
  • Streamline your operations
  • Offer multiple ways for clients to communicate with you and find the information they need.

By i4T Global Team

With our cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of how the Field Service Management sector operates, the i4TGlobal Team loves to share industry insights to help streamline your business processes and generate new leads. We are driven by innovation and are passionate about delivering solutions that are transparent, compliant, efficient and safe for all stakeholders and across all touch points.
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