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Quotation Management in FSM – Everything you need to know

Table of Contents

For Field Services business owners, quotation management serves as a vital tool in streamlining the sales process and increasing business revenue. Using a
Field service management software can simplify this process, by helping Field Service Suppliers create detailed quotes, faster and with more accuracy, helping them lock deals instantly.

This blog post explains how quotation management works with field service management software.

Quotation Management features offered by a comprehensive FSM system

Field service management software makes it simple for businesses to create quotes. These can include information about the client requirements, project timeline, labor and material needed to perform the job as well as payment terms.

Some of the quotation management features you should be looking for in a potential FSM software you are considering include:

Pricing Management

Businesses can determine the best pricing for a given job with the help of field service management software. It considers variables such as labour and material costs. Discounts, taxes, and fees may also be included. The software can be altered to meet the requirements of various businesses. When integrated with complementary accounting platforms, like Xoom, MYOB or Quickbooks, it can make billing and revenue recognition easier for FSM business owners.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Software for managing field services can keep track of customer data in a centralized system. From tracking customer interactions, to service history and preferences, the CRM capabilities allows service suppliers to create quotes tailored to the specific needs of their clients, add or remove details as required, offer discounted pricing to loyal customers, and edit payment terms. This can in turn improve customer satisfaction and help businesses build a stronger relationship with its clients.

Document Management

From managing SLAs, to maintaining all information with respect to quotes, invoices, payment details, getting approval and signatures, Field Service Management software can keep all documents related to quotation management organized and easily accessible anytime.

Reporting and Analytics

Field Service Management Software helps refine quotation management a step further, by providing detailed reports on quotes that converted into sales, request for change in pricing, requests for addition or removal of certain items in the quotes, partially approved quotes, accepted and rejected quotes, paid and unpaid invoices and overall service delivery.

With this information, new quotes can be generated with a higher level of precision and also help businesses make better pricing decisions.

Integration with Other Systems

Integrated systems minimize the need for redundant data entry, cuts down room for error and makes processes more streamlined.

Field service management software can work with other software to simplify quote management, through its ability to seamlessly integrate with popular accounting platforms like Xoom, MYOB and Quickbooks. This helps manage cash flows better with simpler billing and easier revenue recognition.

Quotation management is a crucial component of field service management software. It helps businesses make accurate quotes and build good relationships with customers.
This process can be made simpler and more efficient by using field service management software that offers some good quotation management features.


What is field service management software?

Field service management software is created to assist businesses in managing their field service operations. It usually has features like scheduling, dispatching, work order management, inventory management, and reporting.

What is quotation management?

The process of creating, managing, and keeping track of quotes for field services a business provides is known as quotation management in field service management software. It entails managing the entire quotation process, from the initial inquiry to the final quotation submission and acceptance.

What are the advantages of using field service management software for quotation management?

Improved accuracy and consistency in quotations, shorter lead times, higher efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and higher sales are all advantages of using field service management software for quotation management.

What are the main characteristics of quotation management?

Quote creation and management, pricing management, product and service catalogue management, customer relationship management, document management, reporting and analytics, and integration with other business systems are all important aspects of quotation management software for field service management.

What are the best practises for efficient quotation management in field service management?

Best practises for effective quotation management in field service management include defining a clear and consistent process for creating and managing quotations, establishing pricing policies and procedures, maintaining accurate customer and product data, using quotation management software to streamline processes, and regularly reviewing and optimising the quotation process to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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