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supplier management

Effective Supplier Management in Property Maintenance

Table of Contents

As a property manager, effective supplier management is essential to keep your property running smoothly.

Managing suppliers involves the process of finding, selecting, evaluating, and maintaining relationships with suppliers to ensure they provide high-quality services that meet your property's needs.

One way to simplify this process is by using property maintenance management software, which provides a centralized system for managing suppliers, streamlining workflows, and building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Benefits of having a good relationship with suppliers

Property maintenance managers can get a lot out of having good relationships with their suppliers. These include:
  • Better quality of service
    When property maintenance managers have a good relationship with service suppliers, they get faster response times, higher first-time fixes, and overall better service quality, resulting in improved tenant satisfaction.
  • Cost Savings
    Being on good terms with service suppliers increases the likelihood of getting discounts and competitive prices. This can result in significant cost savings on property maintenance costs making the property more money in the long run.
  • Cut down on downtime
    Property managers are more likely to get services on time and as promised, by their suppliers that value the relationshipThis process can help eliminate downtime and keep the property running smoothly.
  • Ability to Get Help
    If property maintenance manager has a good relationship with their suppliers, their expertise, knowledge, and insights into the industry can be shared. This process helps make maintenance better and saves time and money.
  • Building relationships for the long term
    Keeping good relationships with suppliers can lead to long-lasting partnerships based on trust, respect, and working together. This can help make sure that the property’s long-term maintenance needs are met.

Risks of Poor Supplier Management

Property maintenance managers can face several risks if they don’t take care of the suppliers they work with. These include:
  • Rising prices
    Poor supplier management can cause costs to go up because of things like overcharging, hidden fees, and spending money on things that aren’t necessary.
  • Issues with Quality
    Poor supplier management can lead to quality problems, such as materials that don’t meet standards, work that isn’t done well, and bad service.
  • Service delays and wasted time
    If you don’t manage your suppliers well, things like late deliveries, missed appointments, and suppliers who won’t talk to you can cause delays and downtime.
  • Compliance issues
    If you don’t manage your suppliers well, you could potentially find yourself face-to-face with the law by not following safety standards, environmental rules, building codes, or labor laws.
  • Damage to Your Reputation
    If the property owner or manager doesn’t manage their suppliers well, things like bad work, missed deadlines, and cost overruns can hurt their reputation.

Best Practices for Managing Suppliers

Property maintenance management software can help make managing service suppliers easier and reduce the risks of bad supplier management. Some of the best ways to manage suppliers with software for property maintenance management are:

  • Choosing a supplier and judging them
    Property maintenance managers should choose and rate suppliers based on prices, quality, delivery times, credentials, completed jobs, and customer service. Software for managing property maintenance can help speed up this process by giving you tools for evaluating and choosing a supplier.
  • Taking care of contracts
    Property maintenance managers should make clear contracts with their suppliers that cover all of the terms and conditions. Property maintenance management software can help with contract management by giving you tools for making, tracking, and managing contracts.
  • Ensuring effective communication
    Property maintenance managers should talk to their suppliers regularly to make sure they know what the needs and expectations are for property maintenance. Property maintenance management software can make it easier for people to talk to each other and work together by giving them tools for messaging, sharing documents, tracking progress, and assigning work orders.
  • Keeping track of performance and making it better
    Property maintenance managers should keep an eye on how their suppliers are doing regularly to make sure they are meeting service level agreements (SLAs). Property maintenance management software can help keep track of how well suppliers do their jobs by giving you tools for monitoring performance, analyzing data, and making reports.
  • Mitigating risks
    A great deal of risk in property maintenance management comes with non-compliance or poor service delivery. Property maintenance management software helps ensure laws and regulations are followed, SLAs are met and safety is prioritized during service delivery, to minimize legal, financial, safety, and health risks.


i4T Maintenance is Property Maintenance Management Software that helps Authorized Service Agents ensure work orders are completed with Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety. It makes their job faster, simpler, and precise by helping them find the best solo contractors and FSM business owners for installing, repairing, and maintaining property assets.

Here are some of the most common questions about Supplier Management:

Q: What is supplier management?
A: Supplier management is choosing suppliers, working with them, and evaluating them to ensure they provide high-quality services, meet deadlines, and follow laws.

Q: How can I find the right supplier for my needs?
A: To find the right field service supplier, study possible suppliers, ask for quotes, compare their services based on price, quality, and experience, and check references or reviews from other customers.

Q: What are some key factors to consider when evaluating suppliers?
A: Price, quality, reliability, delivery times, communication, and meeting industry standards and rules are some of the most important things to consider when considering field service suppliers for property maintenance.

Q: How can I ensure that my suppliers maintain quality and compliance?
A: You can ensure quality and compliance by setting clear standards, writing and sharing detailed specifications, doing regular audits or inspections, and keeping an open line of communication with your suppliers.

Q: How can I keep track of the success and progress of my suppliers?
A: You can keep track of a supplier’s performance and progress by setting key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking delivery times, checking the quality of products or services, and keeping in regular contact to address any problems or concerns.

Q: How can I improve how I talk to and work with my suppliers?
A: You can improve communication and teamwork by using tools like property maintenance management software, holding regular meetings or check-ins, giving feedback that is clear and on time, and giving each provider a single point of contact.

Q: What should I do if a field service supplier doesn’t meet my needs?
A: If a supplier isn’t meeting your needs, you can talk to them about it, tell them what needs to change, set clear goals and dates for improvement, and, if necessary, look for another supplier.

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