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Table of Contents

The Impact of PropTech and IoT on the Safety and Flexibility of Property Occupants

Table of Contents

Being a Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Transformation Specialist, I would say Property Management Businesses should start prioritising the safety and flexibility of the Property Occupants, especially in the Post-Pandemic Era hoping to make better use of advanced technologies such as PropTech, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to develop more transparency and remain competitive in the marketplace.

One of the most prominent trends in real estate technology today is a focus on Property Occupants' increasingly sophisticated needs.

Understanding the impact of IoT and the importance of Automation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence brings Property Managers as well as Landlords one step closer to providing Property Occupants with exactly what they want from modern spaces.

While there are signs that demand for office space is increasing, we are still in a renewal world, and Property Owners will need to keep their Property Occupants at all costs.” Therefore, Occupant Experience Technology is significantly important.

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Driving Safety and Flexibility of Property Occupants Through PropTech and IoT

Over the past decades, there was a gap between what the Property Managers knew and what was happening in the properties in terms of the Occupant Experience. Therefore, considering the needs and wants of Property Occupants is an important part of the decision-making process.

We at i4T Global, believe that occupants’ safety, satisfaction, and customer experience are more important than ever. i4T Maintenance being one of the product verticals of i4T Global, offers a vertically integrated software suite for Property Managers and Property Occupants to improve collaboration, streamline daily workflows, and reduce risk.

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Improves the Home Search Experience

Home search experience improvement - i4T Global

Ever since listings became searchable online, technology has played a vital role in helping buyers in streamlining their home search

However, searching for a new place to live can be a daunting task. Almost every home-searching engine filters out the best homes based on factors such as price, location, number of rooms, size, and so on. Although this model has proven to be effective, it frequently presents potential buyers with far more options than they are willing to consider.

This is where the AI Algorithms come into play. Many of today’s home search tools can use those search criteria to identify the user’s preferences and select properties based on those results. The system then shows the best-matching listings at the top of the search results and recommends additional listings accordingly. It also considers the preferences of other users who have looked at similar properties, which helps in identifying customers’ preferences after a few search inquiries, allowing for a greater level of personalisation.

Various factors influence the desirability of a property. Our lifestyle is constantly changing, and our tastes shift resulting in a continuous need to tailor living conditions to meet the ever-growing demand. AI developers can assist Property Management Businesses in identifying those needs and wants and provide search results that meet the expectations of the Property Occupants.

It is also important to recognise that AI's role is to assist humans rather than to replace them. The home-buying experience is frequently personal and emotional

Regardless of how refined these technologies become, emotional AI is a future outlook because it cannot detect and interpret humans’ complex emotional cues. Well, maybe this could become possible in the foreseeable future, who knows?

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Helps to Determine the Property Value

Artificial Intelligence has applications in estimating the market value of properties and predicting their future price trajectory. For example, Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms combine current market data and public records to generate an analysis of a specific property’s value or to determine the best pricing strategy. Such data and records include;
  • Buying Trends
  • Mobility Metrics
  • Crime Rate Statistics
  • Nearby Schools
  • Proximity to Highly Rated Restaurants
  • Light Sources
  • Seasonal Light Variations
  • Time of day when the properties catch the most sun
  • Other factors that cause discomfort
Algorithms that are used to generate analysis - i4T Global
To determine the best price range, Artificial Intelligence utilises a Regression Algorithm that takes property features such as size, number of rooms, property age, home quality characteristics, and macroeconomic demographics. To put it another way, AI Algorithms can forecast prices based on geographic location or future development. For example,  pricing recommendations are based on a mathematical model that learns how likely a guest is to book a specific listing, on specific dates, at a range of different prices. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Embraces the 3D Virtual Tours

Embracing 3D virtual tours - i4T Global

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence is primed to disrupt not only the Real Estate Industry but also many other industries and marketplaces. Virtual Tours and 3D Illustrations are the most recent technological advancement in the Real Estate Landscape. Customers can follow 3D views of the property online with Virtual Tours and 3D Illustrations. This is especially useful for properties located in remote areas or abroad, as well as those that are still under construction.

Virtual Tours with zoom-in, panorama, and speaking notes function as an easy and cost-effective way to conduct landlord-occupant meetings.

Virtual Tours makes it simple for Real Estate Agents to eliminate face-to-face interactions while showing properties to prospective occupants, keeping both prospects and the agents safe and flexible.

Other Property Management Technology Trends That Contributes to the Safety and Flexibility of Property Occupants

Property management technology trends that contributes to the safety and flexibility of property occupants - i4T Global

Smart Buildings

At first glance, smart home technology may appear to be a luxury, particularly in the rental industry, where the goal is always to make a profit from the property you own or manage. However, this is simply not the case. For various reasons, smart homes are advantageous for occupants as well as landlords.

Usage of Cloud-Based Software

The cloud gives us the freedom to be anywhere and still have access to our work activities anytime. Cloud-based software breaks the chains that force you to be in the office to obtain information about occupants, such as contact details, when they moved in, rent collected, and so on. All of this can now be accessed on the go.

Automated Security

Property owners and occupants will be able to better protect their amenities with automated security systems. The more secure a property is, the more attractive it will be among tenants who give a higher weightage to the safety of their families.

Occupants feel more in control of their properties when they are able to monitor their properties via video surveillance. They can also reset codes, and manage permissions from their mobile phones. To take property security a step further, some landlords even include drones for the same. Such technologically advanced properties will become more common in the rental market in the coming years.

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The Utmost Best Solution to Maintain the Safety and Flexibility of the Property Occupants

i4T Maintenance PropTech is a purpose-driven Technology System working with Property Management Professionals and Trade Partners to transform their processes and the communities they serve. Our platform and marketplace are currently being used by Property Managers for Property Maintenance including the largest Real Estate, and Facilities Management Providers across Residential, Commercial, and Social Applications throughout the Globe. And this is just the beginning.

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Final Thoughts

2022 holds big promises about some major leaps in innovation in the Real Estate and Property Management Industries. Generation Z has “occupied” the residual household, many renters have begun to look for more affordable options in the suburbs, and Property Managers have shifted their focus to digitally-enabled work environments and technologies.

The Post COVID-19 world has set its own rules, and market players are wise to keep up with the latest trends in Property Management Technology. If you own a Property Management Business and are looking for assistance from Digital Experts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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