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Table of Contents

Unique Value Proposition and Competitive Edge of i4T Maintenance Property Management Software

Table of Contents

Are you tired of signing up for various Property Management Software one after the other – and yet nothing has really worked for you or fits your requirements?

Well, we heard you!

From Workflow Management to Risk Mitigation, has got your back.

First of all, let’s dive in and discuss some of the common questions every Property Manager has;

Why Do You Need Property Management Software For Your Business?

Property Management Software Automates and Streamlines the Day-To-Day Operations of Property Managers, Owners, and Landlords

The Core Functionality of  Property Management Software revolves around the Management of Real Estate, whether in terms of Physical Space, Tenants, Leasing, or the Accounting Process. Indeed, Field Service Management Software can assist you in maintaining your Properties & Other Assets and support you in order to increase your Productivity, Return On Investment (ROI), Time Management, and Brand Recognition.

Property management software can range from simple point solutions to a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform.  As a result, when a Property Management Solution is integrated with Rental payment Software, Lease Administration Software, or even Lease Accounting Software, its capabilities are amplified.

Real Estate Management Software can help Real Estate Agents or Agencies in managing Back-Office Operations, whereas Field Service Management Software assists users in managing the Operations and Physical Assets of Industrial-Specific Properties.

To be considered as an effective Property Management Software, the following criteria should be met;

  • Work Automation
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Complete Industry-Specific Accounting Process
  • Maintenance Ticket Automation
  • Customized Dashboards & Reports Management System
  • Cloud Integration / Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics
  • Third-Party Integration
Based on a survey we conducted recently at i4T Global, here are the top priorities and requirements that some of the Property Managers said
  • “A good interface, that is intuitive and easy for the staff to understand”
  • “We want it to work fast and be reliable. We don’t want it to go down when we are busy”
  • “We need good security of our data and regular backups”
  • “We want an open platform that allows other apps”
  • “We should be able to access it from anywhere”
  • “Good customer service is important. We want our problems to be addressed as soon as possible”

i4T Global - The One & Only FSM Software On The Market To Seamlessly Manage Multi Stakeholders With Unique Mobile Apps

i4T Global is a Highly Innovative Customer Experience (CX) Product Eco–System with a 360 0 Degree Approach revolving around three (03) Personas. Our Product Verticals cover all the Stakeholders of the Facilities, Field Service & Property Management Sectors.

As a 3600 Degree platform, i4T Global caters to a start-to-finish lifecycle, tracking Work Orders from availability, review, and lead generation to quoting, invoicing, payment, and seamless integration with third-party platforms.

Anywhere, Anytime

i4T Maintenance is the Ultimate Cloud-Based Property Maintenance Software Offering Transparency and Compliance to Authorized Service Agents for Property Maintenance around the Globe.

Whether you own a Personal Rental or you are a Property Manager with Multiple units, this Software is your One-Stop Solution. You can Streamline Workflow, Centralize your Data, Increase Productivity, Save Time, Reduce Task Duplications, and the Chaos of Day-To-Day Operations.

We have the tools you need to successfully manage your Property Assets & Portfolios.

Along with Instant Reminders, Real-Time Communication, Excellent User Experience & Automated Reports. You name it, we have it!

Using i4T Maintenance, You Can Make Managing Properties A Breeze

i4T Maintenance’s Powerful Automation Engine is intended to revolutionize your business by meeting all your requirements. Systemizing your Workflow & Offering Powerful Reporting, i4T Maintenance Software can save you loads of work hours, and we can put everything in place for you.

Core Competencies / Core Values of i4T Maintenance

Four Tenets of i4T Maintenance

#1: Transparency
Complete visibility into all aspects of Field Service Delivery from receiving quotes, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing with open communication between all stakeholders.

#2: Compliance
Field Service Supplier Insurance, License Registration, and On-Site OHS Compliance Requirements are automated in accordance with Local Government regulations.

#3: Efficiency
Quick, simple, and complete, access to every information whether in the office or on the go. Providing more freedom and flexibility in the field to work more efficiently and deliver a better service.

#4: Safety
Licensed and Insured Field Service Suppliers with a background check provide peace of mind to Authorized Service Agents and Property Occupants with every service request.

  1. Real-Time Communication Process.
  2. Customer Focused Growth Hacking Strategies.
  3. Every Stakeholder’s Key Touch Points throughout the Life Cycle of the Property Asset.
  4. It can revolve around 3 Personas and existing Systems are isolated and they do not connect all 3 Personas together.
  5. Software Updates are instantaneous based on User Feedback 
  6. Revolutionized Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile Development.
  7. No special learning curve to use the Application. Users can easily understand the functionality and behavior of the App. (Like Facebook, Instagram, Uber& Other Apps we use on a day-to-day basis).
  8. Entire Workflow is Systematic & Color-Coded for Rapid Visual Comprehension

To keep up with the Ever-Changing Demands and the Increased Expectations for a Property Manager, using Effective Property Maintenance Software is no longer a Luxury; it is now a Necessity

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