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Redefining Success – Why Technology Has Been a Game Changer in Field Service Management

Table of Contents

How reliable the Tradie is that you are hiring

With so many property occupants becoming a victim of substandard work done by dodgy suppliers, this comes as a no-brainer.

We all need peace of mind when dealing with someone we have met for the first time, after all it’s our home we are trusting them with! So, it’s important for customers to have a platform to check if their provider is licenced and insured, look at their past jobs completed and read customer reviews in order to make an informed decision.

Not being upfront with the costs

Surprise costs of the job is something customers hate. They want to know what each process and each component costs of the hefty renovation they are undertaking, not just a lump sum. Whether it’s an initial quote or a final invoice, it’s important for property occupants to feel they are in control and know that they are getting value for money.

No cash, please.

The cash economy is dying and for better not worse. With scams such as the one in which some field suppliers used another business’ ABN to dodge ATO and accept cash payments thus leaving no trail whatsoever, customers know their responsibilities now.

Not accepting cash and asking their supplier to give them a tax invoice that can be paid via credit card is what’s taking over the industry right now. But the digital shift is not inclined towards addressing consumer demands alone.

It’s also addressing the growing concerns of Field Services business owners revolving around late payments, losing work due to delayed and non-precise quoting and not being able to efficiently carry out admin tasks such as managing jobs and handling paperwork.

A way out of the late payments cycle

Most Field Service Suppliers leave the invoicing part for weekends even if the job was completed last Monday. With so much work to keep up with, we don’t blame you. But this one bad habit is one of the biggest reasons that triggers habitual late payers to delay their dues even further.

The truth is that the faster you invoice the sooner you will get paid. And that’s exactly what technology is now helping you do by creating and sending fast electronic invoices as soon as the job is completed and accepting credit card payments on the spot.

A precise and prompt quote is all you need

As a first contact with a potential customer, how you quote can say almost everything a property occupant needs to hear. Keeping them waiting for a response is only telling them that they are not a priority, which is the last thing a business would want.

Yet, putting all work on standstill and going out to quote can be a tough calling. But, not when the customer has attached photos of the job they need to get done. All you need to do is to quickly have a look and provide the closest estimate possible. The customer gets their request answered and you get the first-mover advantage. A win-win for both.

Keeping on top of financial obligations!

Tax and payroll are some of the biggest headaches for Field Service Suppliers. So a number one goal is to ready the business activity statement before it’s already due. But this means pulling out data from various places such as business receipts and tax invoices before you can even start to calculate the GST.

However with i4T Business for business owners being linked to accounting softwares like Xero, all your invoices and payments can be in one place and when it’s tax time again, meeting your financial obligations is just a matter of a few clicks.

Time lost to admin work, is revenue lost

Sleepless nights and back aches and still so much work to do! Field Service Suppliers lose innumerable hours to admin tasks such as allocating and scheduling jobs, keeping tabs on job progress, following up on quotes and preparing invoices. Actually they don’t have to. Because the technology is willing to take all the load off their shoulders and put it on its own. You can now actually run your entire business on the go with one app to do it all for you.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

With over 70% of Field Services business owners confessing that the right field management, accounting and CRM platforms have saved them as much as 20 hours on admin and lead generation work every week, technology does seem to be the obvious answer if you want to redefine what success really means for your business.

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