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your trades business in your hand

Your Field Services Business In Your Hand For the Man In The Van

Table of Contents

What is new in the essentials list

Melbourne, Australia, January 18, 2018 – (Press Release) – An increasing number of Aussie Field Service Suppliers are adding a new arsenal to their tool box, and it’s none other than their favorite Field Service Management app, i4T Business.

Designed specifically for Field Services Business Owners, solo technicians and large franchise owners, in a short span of time, i4T Business has been able to position itself as a smart tool of the Trade for suppliers seeking to enhance customer service and streamline their everyday workflow.

“With i4T Business, you can ditch the office and run your business on the go,” says Jerome Beekmans, the Master Franchisor for Mr. Electric.

We are growing

“Our growing network of franchise owners have also started to see the benefits. Now they can be in a meeting with their employees, on the way to a service request or simply enjoying some time  with the family and still be able to respond to new job requests or assign jobs to our team with a few taps on the smartphone. We now have the ability to manage our network of franchisees as they do their work, wherever they are. This technology, coupled with our globally proven systems are making life easier for our network to run their business” added Beekmans.

The i4T Business solution is being continuously upgraded and improved through feedback and industry insights from our valued clients like Mr. Electric for some time now.
It was only in March, 2017 that the app was officially rolled out to the Australian market, yet it has gained the attention of a number of Field Services businesses, due to the potential it promises.

Founder, Logan Nathan believes i4T Business will soon digitally transform how suppliers run their businesses, not just in Australia, but across the globe.

“A typical field technician spends so much time delivering the service and commuting from one job to the next, that there is hardly any time left to manage the business or handle the customer-satisfaction aspect of it. Our aim is to help Field Service Suppliers make a shift from working harder to working smarter,” says Logan.

“i4T Business cuts down the paper trail, tracks profit in real-time and helps retrieve all customer information wherever and whenever they want.”

From Sparkies to Plumbers, Chippies, Painters, Landscapers and Cleaners, service providers from nearly every industry are now adopting i4T Global to better engage with their customers and build relationships based on trust.

PAD Plumbing, one of the early adopters of i4T Business, believes that’s exactly what the app is helping them achieve.

“With i4T Business, there is no room for mistakes, missing deadlines or miscommunication between employees, customers and the main office”, says owner Paul Dorian. “The app lets our customers share photos of actual jobs, helping us quote them more precisely. With simple drag and drop scheduling, all jobs are assigned to the employees with a single touch, saving commute time and increasing customer satisfaction.”

With the decline of the cash economy and serious implications for tax evasion, i4T Business seems to have arrived to the market just in time to introduce a paperless invoicing and payment system backed by smart reporting in real-time.

About i4T Global

i4T Global is an innovative SaaS platform that seamlessly connects Field Services Business Owners and On-the-road Technicians with Authorized Service Agents & Property Occupants to Manage their respective Business Needs.

About Mr. Electric

Established in 1994, Mr. Electric® is a global franchise organization providing electrical installation and repair services. Mr. Electric is a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group, Inc., family of service franchises.

About PAD Plumbing

Pad Plumbing
Owned by Paul Dorian, PAD Plumbing has been operating since mid-90s, providing commercial, residential and industrial plumbing services. Paul is a fully licensed plumber and a member of the Victorian Plumber Association. PAD Plumbing offers fast, reliable and friendly 24 hour plumbing services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
Phone: 1800 937 586

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