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Table of Contents

Weight Loss Lessons-Sharing Accountability and Responsibility with a Business Partner.

Table of Contents

Don’t worry this article isn’t going to send you and your business partner straight to the gym, but it definitely will help you make your business fit!

Every Field Service Business in the industry sets goals that align with the industry trends and challenges. However, oftentimes, business owners fail to achieve those goals on time.

This indicates that there is some type of weight that is dragging you and your team down. As a business owner, you need to focus on losing some weight.

In this article, I will provide you with my top tips to help your business lose some weight.

Sharing Accountability and Responsibility

Did you know that you are 3X more likely to lose weight if you have an accountability partner? 

An accountability partner is someone who you regularly report and tell what you currently weigh. By placing your trust in another person to keep a tab of what you are doing in your business, you are not only sharing the responsibility but you will also have the sense of being accounted for, for every action you take towards your goal.

In my previous article Hoping is not a Strategy, I talk about how sharing responsibility is a better strategy than doing it all by yourself. 

In that context, if you have an accountability partner, you are much more likely to reach your goals faster. 

In business, we aren’t concerned with our weight but we do have goals for our business and having an accountability partner substantially increases our opportunity to achieve these goals.

Your business partner can be anyone As long as you respect that person it doesn’t matter who they are, friend, partner, coach or trainer.

What Studies have to say about accountability and a business partner

A study from the American Society of Training and Development found the probability of achieving goals is: 

10% – if you have an idea or goal in mind

25% – if you consciously decide you will do it

40% – if you decide when you will do it

50% – if you plan how you will do it

65% – if you commit to someone “you will do it”

95% – if you have a specific appointment with a person you’ve committed to doing it with.

The Probability of achieving goals - i4T Global

A Harvard Business School Study confirmed this, you are 10X better off having a written goal with an action plan that you are externally accountable to achieve.

My Top Tips for achieving your Business Goals

So, what do you want to do with your business?

Do you have a goal in mind, like achieving a certain level of sales or personal income from the business? 

Most importantly do you want to achieve it?

If you have a goal and want to achieve it then here are my top 5 tips to get there: 

1). Use the SMART goal principles to define the goal you want to achieve

S – Specific = An example would be that you want to double annual sales not vaguely but you want to increase sales.

M – Measurable = You need to be able to measure where you are now and when you reach your goal

A – Achievable =  You must be reasonably able to achieve the goal. There is a fine balance between having something easy to achieve and not. 

R- Relevant  = Can you relate to it, is it important and relevant to you?

T- Time-based = When will it be achieved

SMART goal setting - i4T Global

2). Write your goal down.  

There is a saying attributed to Greg Reid

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

3). Make a plan of how you will achieve your goal

4). Track your progress towards your goal regularly.

If you have set a SMART goal then you will have a measure to know when you achieve your goal – like weighing yourself when you want to lose weight.

5). Meet regularly with an accountability partner to update them on your progress. 

Don’t do this randomly, make it a regular thing that you commit to doing. It could be another business owner or a formal accountability partner like a business coach.

To conclude, for many of us setting a goal can be easier than achieving it. Keep in mind the process you choose to succeed will help you achieve many goals. 

Good luck with achieving your dreams!

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By Alan Short | Founder and Lead Coach | Global Business Coaching

Business Coach for i4T Business

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