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Sachi Wickramage - Keynote Speech at the FSM Summit 2023 Sydney

i4T Global’s Stellar Showcase Sets New Standards at FSM Summit 2023

Table of Contents

i4T Global made an impactful participation showcasing its FSM solutions while rubbing shoulders with global industry giants, at the much anticipated, FSM Summit 2023.

SYDNEY [6/09/23] Returning to the FSM Summit 2023 as a Gold Sponsor this year, i4T Global, a leading provider of Field Service Management Solutions, made a standout contribution at one of the industry’s largest events, held on the 22nd and 23rd of August, at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney.

The 14th Annual IQPC Field Service Management Summit 2023, is a premier FSM event, that brings industry experts, thought leaders, and key market players together, to discuss everything from strategy, process, and technology, and their combined effect to deliver efficiency, service excellence, and profitability.

As an Australian-based Field Service Management Solutions provider, i4T Global’s participation at the summit marked an important milestone for the company as it stood tall amidst global industry giants, including Salesforce and ServiceNow, showcasing its customer-centric and mobile-centric FSM ecosystem.

The one-of-its-kind, innovative FSM solutions provider, i4T Global witnessed a constant stream of visitors to its booth, eager to learn more about its avant-garde ecosystem. Engaging demos, strategic-level talks, and insightful consultations were the hallmarks of the event.

i4T-Global-Booth-at-the-FSM-Summit Sydney
i4T Global’s booth, impeccably set up and ready to welcome a wave of attendees ahead of the FSM Summit 2023.
Day 1 of the FSM summit saw Paul Cook, Executive General Manager of BSA, a leading provider of innovative asset solutions, take the stage to explain how they are closely working with i4T Global, to overcome challenges in EV Charger installation and maintenance, as customers expect better, faster and cheaper service delivery.

The panel discussion was taken forward on Day 2, where Paul presented a Network Rollout case study spotlighting how smart software solutions like i4T Global are revolutionizing project delivery, from speedier deployment to improved costs and field force efficiency, elevating the customer experience in a high volume, medium-to-low value ticket-to-work organization.

“With i4T Global, we’re working on an entire end-to-end lifecycle management of the process. Everything from pulling the opportunity through from the landowners, identifying the opportunities, capturing them, quoting them, solutioning them, implementing and then moving into operations and maintenance,” said Paul. “The application that we’re using and developing at the moment is one that really enables us to collaborate with all those stakeholders.”

For i4T Global, the highlight of the FSM event was undoubtedly the enlightening keynote by its Co-Founder, Sachi Wickramge, where he talked about how technological advancements and transparency are setting new standards in the FSM sector.

The session, held on Day 2 of the summit, offered insights into how legacy systems can render themselves useless during a crisis like the one the world experienced during the COVID-19 lockdown. Sachi explained the role mobility, customer-centricity, and synergy play in overcoming these service delivery challenges. He also tapped into i4T Global’s four tenets, Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety, and explained how they are helping deliver the next-generation customer experience to cater to the evolving market needs.

The keynote was followed by an engaging and highly interactive Q&A session, where participants delved deeper into i4T Global’s offerings and how they are making an impact. 

“We are grateful for the overwhelming response i4T Global received at the FSM Summit 2023. The interest of the summit attendees in our innovative solutions and the feedback and engagement they provided, is truly invaluable,” Sachi said. He noted that i4T Global is not just building solutions to take field service management to the next level; “We are shaping the future of the FSM industry, together with our clients and partners.”

Sachi-Wickramage-Logan-Nathan-Arjuna-from-i4T-Global-at-the-FSM-Summit-2023 Sydney
Sachi-Wickramage-Logan-Nathan-Joy-Akinpe-of-IQPC-at-the-FSM-Summit-2023 Sydney
i4T-Global-Booth-at-the-FSM-Summit Sydney
Sachi-Wickramage-Keynote-Speech-at-the-FSM-Summit Sydney
i4T Global’s participation at the summit has set a new benchmark for innovation, collaboration, and actionable insights in the FSM industry. The event not only provided a platform for showcasing state-of-the-art solutions but also helped forge ideas and connections that will define which course field service management takes in the years to come.
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About i4T Global:

Field Service Management Re-imagined. i4T Global is a disruptive Field Service Management ecosystem, offering solutions that enhance the value of Property, Construction, and Service-based assets while connecting and empowering all industry stakeholders to optimize operational efficiency, deliver process transparency, meet regulatory compliance, and ensure user safety.

With a focus on innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer experience, i4T Global has established itself as a trusted technology partner for Maintenance Management companies and Field Service businesses.

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