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How To Run Your Office’s Facilities Maintenance Efficiently - i4T Global

How To Run Your Office’s Facilities Maintenance Efficiently

Table of Contents

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines Facility Management as “a profession with multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built environment through the integration of People, Place, Process, and Technology.”

Proper Facility Maintenance ensures that all areas, systems, and structures in or around a facility function optimally in order to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Maintenance work can be reactive and unplanned, or preventive and scheduled. Painting the interior and exterior of a building, or cleaning and replacing the HVAC machine filters in a building monthly to ensure they are running at peak efficiency, are examples of such actions.

Basically, If a maintenance action has an impact on a facility’s appearance, operation, or performance, it falls within the wheelhouse of Facilities Maintenance.

Facilities Managers are typically responsible for the safety maintenance, and repairs of the buildings. This protects employees and their assets, prevents unauthorized access, and ensures that the building complies with legal requirements. Without regular Facility Maintenance, a Facility’s condition and assets are more likely to decline and break down without warning.

Why Is Office Facilities Maintenance So Important?

Facility Managers are responsible for managing the entire site, assessing its condition, determining if repairs are needed, and ensuring the equipment and machinery are optimized. In addition, they are in charge of waste disposal and management. Many employees take the cleanliness of their workplace for granted, but without a Facility Manager organizing the process, hygiene standards may go down.

Now let us take a look at how your business can benefit from proper Offices Facilities Maintenance;

Increases the Lifecycle of Assets

Regular maintenance and inspection of an asset ensure that it is operating efficiently and ultimately increase its lifespan.

Increases Efficiency

Proper Offices Facility Maintenance increases the efficiency of the business process by many folds. Employees will know where things are kept without wasting time or cost looking for materials, which improves day-to-day operations, and ensures that all equipment and technology are in good working condition.

Cost-Cutting & Time Management

Well-maintained equipment and premises will prevent maintenance issues, helping you to save time and cost significantly.

Improves Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

A good Facility Manager frequently conducts health and safety assessments to reduce the risk of workplace hazards. They will also take care of on-site emergencies and conduct frequent workplace audits.

Ensures Full Compliance

The Facility Manager will also ensure your business complies with all anti-discrimination laws and regulations related to Human Resources and comply with all necessary health and safety regulations. All of these can reduce the hefty fines and problems that can arise in the future if left unattended.

Improves Employee Morale

It is beneficial for the employees if the facilities are managed properly, helping them stay focused, and making them feel confident and proud to be part of a happy and safe work environment. They are motivated to do their best, and this increases employee productivity.

Increases the Occupants Satisfaction

“When day-to-day operations in the office or workplace run smoothly,  the Occupants are more likely to be satisfied and develop stronger connections with your business.
Why is offices facilities maintenance so important - i4T Global
Here are some of the other ways that Offices Facilities Maintenance adds value to the business strategy of your organization:

Things That Should Be In Your Office Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Checklist - i4T Global
An Office Maintenance checklist will help you to keep track of various tasks on your plates by detailing how often inspections should be carried out in each area of your office.

Facility Managers who adhere to checklists find that their assets and equipment have longer lifespans and that their team responds to less reactive maintenance requests.

The following Office Maintenance checklist contains items that a Facility Manager should review regularly. Be sure to add the ones that apply to your business processes.

Building Repair & Maintenance

Even with the best Office Maintenance strategic plans in place, problems will continue to arise. Reactive maintenance is an important part of Office Maintenance and includes tasks such as:
Building repair & maintenance - i4T Global

Perform Inspections & Preventive Maintenance

Inspections and preventive maintenance allow your team to identify issues before they turn into  significant problems. These tasks include:
inspections and preventive maintenance - i4T Global

Cleaning / Janitorial Services

Cleanliness is a primary focus for Office Maintenance. A clean and tidy office environment results in more satisfied Property Occupants & Employees. Cleaning or janitorial tasks include:

Hiring A Professional To Handle The Facility Condition Assessments (FCA)

Hiring a professional - i4T Global
Maintenance teams undertake various projects over a given week, whether it is minor repairs or major overhauls, it needs to be well planned and effectively managed to be successfully executed. Office Maintenance Companies plan and manage these maintenance projects for you as well as help in the completion process.
A key function of office facilities maintenance is to keep everything and everyone at the property safe. Regular surveillance of the property, control of physical access to certain departments and offices, and managing alerts to instantly report a beach are some factors taken into consideration in keeping a work area safe
Some Office Maintenance Companies specialize in Real Estate Maintenance & Property Management. Their key focus is on keeping properties in top notch condition by undertaking routine maintenance, preventive and reactive repairs, as well as regular cleaning.
In order to ensure high quality standards, Office Maintenance Companies employ various techniques and provide services such as preventive maintenance, routine inspections, and process analysis. Good quality control calls for recurring equipment checks so that all systems are running at their full capacity.
While physical machines and systems are critical to day to day operation management, a building must also maintain its IT network on a regular basis.  By conducting network monitoring, maintenance, and security services facility managers ensure that a building’s IT infrastructure is running glitch free and is always ready to tackle information breaches that could compromise security.
Office Maintenance differs from company to company. Some require more support than others, and the types of support needed can vary widely. The support services offered by maintenance companies range from facilities engineering, recruitment, landscaping, and many others.

Do You Have An Organizational Function that Integrates People, Place & Process?

As the world continues to evolve, so does the need for better Office Facility Maintenance. People don’t just go to an office with a desk and a chair; they go to a workspace focused on Employee Well-Being, Automation, Sustainability & Impact, and Evolving Property Management Models.
People-place-process - i4T Global

COVID-19 has further proven how essential Office Facility Maintenance is. You need to be dynamic and flexible enough to install home offices remotely. Not only this, but to set up workspaces that promote healthier lifestyles or give enough space to distance from one another safely.

You need to understand your organization’s sustainability requirements and environmental impact and find solutions to overcome them.

The necessity to be greener, safer, and more cost-effective trickles straight down to Facilities Management. It is the responsibility of the Facility Manager to ensure that they are being planned, executed, optimized, and measured accurately. Your ability to be agile and show your value will help bridge the gap between Operations, Finance, and Facilities.

Software solutions that make Office Facilities Maintenance simpler, better, and faster

Facility Managers can make use of new software solutions that help to automate and streamline critical workflows. Cloud-Based Software, for example, increases efficiency by centralizing data, making it easier to work with and leverage into actionable business intelligence.

With a Field Service Management software like i4T Global, you gain access to an all-in-one system that ensures that your team stays on the same page. It offers the ability to create checklists, customize reports and track employees in the field. i4T Global allows you to gain more power over the daily operations in your business and access budgeting and job statuses to keep you on track.

i4T Global Software is a Cloud-Based Web & Mobile Application. It allows Facility Managers to create and manage maintenance and repair schedules and organize other facilities management functions. All this while assisting the employees to save time and cost by providing instant access to details of facilities, operations, and emergency procedures.

Here at i4T Global, we provide a complete solution for all your Facilities Management needs. Our team is well trained, our innovative methods, processes & technology are up-to-date, and our expertise ensures that you get a service that offers a good value for your money and meets all required standards. To learn more, get started with a trial or get in touch today to know how we can drive up efficiency and productivity in Facilities Maintenance.

Bottom Line

Office Facilities Maintenance is one aspect of Facility Management, mainly focusing on the inspection and maintenance of assets, utilities, and the building as a whole. Facility Managers can engage and successfully implement Facility Maintenance tasks through strategic planning, management of daily operations, building walkthroughs, and audits of equipment or processes.

Keeping track of maintenance work in an Excel Spreadsheet takes a lot of time and is a frustrating process. Facility Managers can take advantage of new software solutions that help automate and streamline critical workflows. i4T Global Software, for example, increases efficiency by centralizing data, making it easier to work with and leverage into actionable business intelligence.

Key Takeaways

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