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Table of Contents

Up the ante, take your Field Service Management Business to the next level_1

Up the ante, take your Field Service Management Business to the next level

Table of Contents

A company that offers Field Services

A company that offers field services - i4T Global
  • Dispatches professional Field Service Personnel at the request of a customer to the customer’s site
  • Perform services at a designated time
  • Offer services related to managing, installing, repairing, rectifying, maintenance
  • The service and material cost is mutually agreed upon between both the Service Company and the customer

An insight to Field Services which are most commonly offered

An insight to field services - i4T Global
Plumbing relates to labor delivered for construction, repairs, improvement, alternations, demolition, installation of material or equipment related to piping, appliances & fixtures used for supply of water, liquids, or disposal of waste.
Electrical Services
Electrical services relate to constructing, installing, maintaining, repairing electrical malfunctions, and troubleshooting of electrical power systems. An electrician also does technical and wiring diagram reads including blueprints.
Painting relates to applying paint and other affiliated decorative finishes to both interior and exterior surfaces of buildings/structures.
Carpentry work relates to the construction, installation, repairing of structures and fixtures produced using wood and other material.
Tiling services relates to the laying of tiles /stones and offers other decorative finishes on floors, walls, swimming pools, staircases, patios, etc;
Solar installation and related services
A solar installer would install and maintain the solar panel and system. Their services would include connecting the solar system to the power grid, activating and testing, and maintenance of the system.
Landscaping services relate to modifying a specific area of land. Landscapers specialise in designing and maintaining gardens, growing plants & shrubs, adding artifacts such as statues/water fountains, and furnishing a beautified arrangement to its owners.
Carpet installer
Carpet installation relates to services of measuring, supplying, and laying coverings on floors, walls, and other surfaces.
Note: It is mandatory to hire licensed and insured Field Service Agents. Field services can be complex work and using management software may assist in planning and scheduling work and delivering the best.

The notable Stakeholders in the Field Services Industry

Managing fleets, requests, routes, employees, appointments, ensuring customer satisfaction, managing revenue, and finance, tax-related matters, renewal of registration/ license and certificates is a lot on one’s plate to handle.

These operations involve several stakeholders for whom the company is responsible. In short, the company’s key decision-makers need to keep its stakeholders happy and satisfied.

Stakeholders in the field services industry - i4T Global
The customers

A company offering field services needs to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Assigning the right person for the right task who holds a valid license & insurance, contains adequate experience, and is comfortable to carry out the tasks is important.

Ensuring to reach the site at the designated time and offer accurate and transparent data (quotation / invoicing / etc) is a must.

Remember, the customer is the king and contains the reins to make your company look charming & successful or disappointing and impotent.

A customer’s recommendation and reviews are second to no other and would assist in attracting many potential customers.

The Regulators
A field services company has to adhere to many regulations since its commencement and during its operation. The company needs to beware and on alert on the constantly changing rules and regulations which govern the industry. Hence it is a great idea to have auditors monitor, assess, and assist with complex issues.

The company is liable and answerable to its investors and requires to furnish them with clear, accurate, and transparent data of all day-to-day transactions such as the company’s overall performance.

The data will enable the investors to grasp a good idea with regard to the company’s present revenue generation and also provide them with a forecast which in return will allow them to make important decisions with regard to future or further investments.

Property & Facility Maintenance Everything you need to know with Property Maintenance checklist


 “To win the market place you must first win the workplace”

It’s essential to create a setting where a rewarding and motivational career awaits the employees.
After all, the employees represent the company which would definitely showcase a clear insight into the company’s management.

Note: Understand the different requirements of each stakeholder and cater accordingly. Implement strategies that will improve the company’s relationship with its stakeholders.

Field service management

The functioning of a Field Services company is not easy. The endless list of requests for quotes, a dozen calls, a heap of emails, managing tasks and tracking the progress, invoicing, collecting payments, and on top of it all constantly being on the lookout for potential clients.

Adding to the pile, renewing a license, insurance, etc;

Managing a Field Services company can be easily & understandably overwhelming and stressful.

That is where Field Services Management systems also commonly known as FSM comes in handy.

A FSM platform offers the comfort of managing the complete process of scheduling, assigning, tracking progress, remote monitoring, communicating, quoting & invoicing, recording & storing data using just one platform.

FSM is an efficient system created to manage the field service operations with ease and proficiency. It not only saves time but also assists in managing time..

A typical FSM software offers the following features.

Field service management software - i4T Global
The consumer is able to choose a preferred Field Services Company in a pool of multiple companies who are eligible to offer services
  • Send/ receive quotations
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Assigning
  • Dispatching
  • Routing
  • Live tracking/monitoring
  • Work / data recording and storing
  • Work order management
  • Service history information
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Stock maintenance

Why are Field Services Management solutions important?

It’s an era of digital transformation that directly affects the Field Services sector. Digital FSM enables efficient & effective management and organisation.

Put a stop to dallying with endless manual paperwork & unnecessary physical work.

FSM furnishes an optimal way using what the ever-evolving technology offers.

FSM software opens a door wide open to cater to the needs of all stakeholders, retaining them and offering them satisfaction by upping the functionality of the company and overall performance & profitability.

Apart from FSM software providing a process that is lean and streamlined thereby offering all stakeholders a better service, FSM is easily adaptable.

It’s a modern tool and the use of mobile devices & related applications are generally and widely accepted in the community.

FSM attracts and retains employees and customers simply because it’s easy to use even on the go.

A successful FSM software would enable to:

  • Offer / create clear and transparent data to its stakeholders
  • Allows to schedule, plan ahead
  • Performance analysis
Offers data that would enable to define the company’s overall performance and arrive at decisions

What should a reliable Field Service Management software offer?

  • Efficiency
  • Satisfied Stakeholders
  • Reduced cost for operational and managerial tasks
  • Improved productivity
  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Improved navigating and remote monitoring
  • Dynamic scheduling and assigning
  • Inventory management
  • Document and payment processing
  • Return on investment

Precisely, a reliable FSM system furnishes a Field Services Company with enhanced productivity, reduced workload, and an improved, positive experience for the stakeholders as well as its owners.

Future of Field Service Management software

Market size of field service management - i4T Global

Digital transformation has brought upon a fast pace to all activities and the stakeholders in the Field Service industry too demands faster and efficient solutions.

FSM software assists companies to boost productivity in an efficient and brisk manner also offering real-time data which assists to competently utilize tasks and information to relevant employees and departments.

Due to the increasing demand for cost-effective & time-saving solutions, remote monitoring, and advanced technologies the FSM industry is witnessing drastic growth presently and is projected to grow rapidly.

 “The global field service management market size was valued at $3.12 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $10.81 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.9% from 2019 to 2026. Rise in need to keep a track of activities taking place in the field,

 increase in demand for mobility for getting real-time visibility in field operations, and surge in adoption of automation & digitalization in the field services industry are expected to drive the growth of the global field service management market. ”

Source: Allied Market Research

Why is IoT important to Field Service Management software?

IoT (the internet of things) creates a consistent link between field service operations and the customer. The connection enables real-time data to both parties.

How does IoT work with FSM software

FSM software offers embedded integration which allows the software companies to utilize IoT to use data from all the devices connected and automatically convert the collected data into actions.

Advantages of IoT

  • Minimizes human effort
  • Saves time

Role of Cloud Computing in IoT

Cloud computing assists to store and analyse data that are generated by IoT.

Benefits of FSM in cloud computing

  • Cloud is more reliable than one’s own server
  • The security levels are higher in cloud in comparison to locally installed software

What is SaaS?

Saas or “Software as a Service”is a subscription- based software that can be accessed through the cloud. Hence there isn’t any requirement of downloading or installing it on each and every computer individually. Google Workspace and Dropbox are fine examples for Saas based software.

 the rise of evolving technology and demand for more quickly and easily accessible software applications with less manual work, it’s safe to say that Saas is the future of FSM. Examples for Saas based software:

A guide to choosing the right and the most suitable Field Service Management Software

Every Field Service Company goes through an everyday live stream of calls, emails, installations, repairs, maintenance, after-sales services, quoting & invoicing, due payment collections and so much more.

The hours are outnumbered with not a minute to spare and stress creeps in, losing touch with a work-life balance. Mishaps happen and management strolls off the grip.

Hence it is important to choose the most reliable FSM software for a hassle-free experience.

How to select the best FSM software:

Selecting a new FSM software is a big decision for your company. It’s an investment hence choosing the best is critical. First of all, you should understand the idea behind investing in FSM software.

It’s wise to discuss and obtain ideas from the personnel actually involved in the operations to avoid any hiccups, as they have both the exposure and the experience and are the ones who would eventually directly use the software.

FSM is to help provide services for more satisfied customers whilst reducing your overhead costs following a smooth process and simplifying operations.

FSM software should also permit the Field Agents to acquire additional information, assistance, track and schedule while they are on the move. 

Therefore the ideal FSM software should:

  • Have both mobile and web applications for Field Services agents /customers and office administration respectively
  • Ensure that the software can evolve
  • Real-time GPS tracking, communicating and remote monitoring ability
  • Be able to gather and store field data in a central database
  • Scheduling and dispatching features
  • Be able to screen the most suitable Field Service Agent for a particular job.
  • Be able to manage employees, contractors, sub-contractors and customers using the same platform
  • The producing company of the software should offer extensive and appropriate training
  • After-sales services 

10 Benefits of using a Field Service Management Software

Benefits of using field service management software - i4T Global
  • A reliable FSM would:
  •  Automate business processes: An automated process would –
    • Streamline the process
    • Help save time
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase productivity
    • Allows a business to run efficiently minimising errors
    • Stores and records data for future reference
  • User-friendly: Responsive and engaging employees and customers
  • Improves the quality and accuracy of data
  • Enables remote monitoring facilities
  • Easy access and easy to share data/information
  • Offers IOT and cloud-based solutions
  • Easy to evaluate

i4T Maintenance

Simple way for Authorised Service Agents to manage Property Assets more efficiently

i4T Business

Better business workflow, employee and customer management for Field Service Suppliers on the go


Putting Property Occupants right in the driving seat with more control and visibility for every job order

Note: FSM software will soon become a necessity to smoothly operate a Field Service Business and will become a fundamental requirement which the stakeholders will demand .

Why i4T Global is the best FSM Solution

Get onboard i4T Global and start working smart. Let go of the old and the hard ways.

i4T Global enables  to establish business credibility and adds more job flexibility to the on-the-road Field Service Agents.

The application is available for both Web and Mobile devices, is easy to use and delivers peace of mind to the end customers through efficient service delivery.

How i4T Global assists to simplify business processes and deliver the perfect service exceeding customer expectations.

  • Connect with potential clients 
  • User-friendly application which allows to receive & respond to job requests
  • Transparency and visibility of all jobs for each and every employee 
  • Easy to schedule and manage jobs
  • Real-time and on-site visual job recording
  • Employee location tracking
  • Emergency response center
  • Easy to connect and share information on social media profiles
  • Both the Field Service Agents and the customers are able to rate their experience. The Field Service Agent is able to evaluate his/ her performance based on customer ratings & reviews.
  • Electronic quoting, invoicing and payment
  • Flexible and accessible to on-the-road Field Service Agents

Why wait, claim your 2 weeks’ trial with i4T Global and experience the comfort of managing operations of your Field Services Business on one platform.

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